Are you feeling challenged with Peri-Menopause, Menopause or Post Menopausal weight gain or a shift in Weight to your middle? I was always wondering this and found it very challenging at times.

What the heck is our menopausal formula, I know women are frustrated, and confused, and are wondering what is the best approach for them now.

It can be hard to figure out with all the mixed information out there, but there simply is no exact formula /protocol,  just guidelines we can start with and then adjust for our unique genetics, our preferences, and what we can see ourselves doing for the long haul.

Plus what stage of life we are in, peri-menopause, menopause, or post menopause. It will be different for every stage of life, and for EVERY woman, because we are all different, in how we react to exercise, diet, stress, our hormones etc…

I wish there was an exact protocol that would work perfectly for everyone without some tweaking, but the truth is we need to be our own Nancy Drew, or Sherlock Holmes. ( by the way I loved Nancy drew mystery books) 🙂

You can start out with a guideline or protocol, then adjust for you, that is what I did all those years ago. I just heard on a podcast you can’t lose weight just walking well sorry, that makes me mad. As I lost my first 60 pounds or so walking before I started lifting weights, running, and other things.

I have been thinking about menopause and the challenges we can have finding our starchy carb tolerance and what is right for us now at this age, I have been getting loads of questions about that, and then the number two question is Why is my weight now shifting to my middle? Help!

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Because when I was younger I would always think what the heck is going on, and I know first hand how hard  it can be not to feel your best, and then see your weight shift to to the middle, I felt miserable.

We do not need six pack abs, most women just want to look and feel good, usually when we have excess belly fat we are more insulin resistant.

Why is it when we start going through menopause we find we just can’t eat the way we used to, or exercise in the same way.

The first thing I think of is our hormones, as estrogen and progesterone start to fall we become more insulin resistant. We are now more stress reactive to with that downward shift in our in those two hormones.

Which can make us more sensitive to stress of any kind, physical, emotional, or mental.

I know this can be very frustrating, we go along eating, and exercising a certain way all our lives then boom! It does not work anymore.

Here I was thinking I was eating an optimal diet, and doing 5 days a week of long cardio exercise, and weight training, and walking.

All with no sleep mind you…it took me a long time to figure out what I was doing was wrong for my body at this age, and how to fix it.

Even when I found out that I should be doing less long distance cardio exercise, I was afraid to stop doing it as I thought I would start gaining more weight.

Sometimes it is hard to believe that doing something entirely different will work, when it goes against all that was being preached as the best exercise to do was more, and no pain no gain type of approach.

It can be dam scary to change or try something new, Can’t it? It was for me. It took getting another injury for me to wake up, and reading more books on the subject of menopause and exercise.

For menopausal weight gain, we need to find our own unique Starchy carbohydrate tolerance. Because we do not tolerate starchy carbs as well now with the drop in our hormones.

We also are much LESS tolerate of any kind of stress to as I talked about, we need to lower stress, and get enough sleep, for belly fat loss, and weight loss in general.

When I say dieting is a stress on the body, I mean the body then thinks it’s starving and will go into starvation mode, it will slow your metabolism. It thinks their maybe a famine coming, our bodies are programed to help us survive.

Exercising to much, is a stress on the body, exercising to little or not at all is a stress on the body.

We need to find a balance that will work for us, now.

As for carbs, I’m not on a low carb diet, I eat exactly like Metabolic Effects Menopause program. It is one of there most popular programs Because it works. I highly recommend it, as it has worked great for me, and others I have guided.  It is they way I eat, exercise, and  live my lifestyle and is very sustainable.

I’m  super excited that right now the menopause program is on sale,  the last day of the sale is Wednesday 02/08/2017at 9pm EST,  and I’m offering to the first 10 who sign up for the program through my link a FREE BONUS a 1 on 1  COACHING call with me. So I can help answer any of your questions, and we can take a deep dive to help you fine tune to get even better results.  I highly trust, Jade Teta having worked with him in his coaching, and Metabolic Effect, I know it is an awesome protocol, and will help so many to finally feel, and look there best again.

It is NOT low carb way of eating, because all greens, fruits, and fibrous veggies have carbs. But it is a controlled amount of starchy carbohydrate. Jade Teta talks about the 4S protocol for menopause which is  —–

  • Shake
  • Salad
  • Snack
  • Starch

Of course their is the right kind and amount of exercise that works going through the stages of menopause, and beyond.  And so much more, in the menopause program. All the things I have done for years, and has kept me lean and happy, as always with adjustments as I age with my diet, and exercise.

I have eaten like the 4 S formula for years, because it works.

We now at menopause and beyond, need to focus not on a calorie approach but a controlled amount of starchy carbs, and lowering our stress levels.

I love my shakes, salads, and dinner with protein, fibrous veggies, and starchy carb.

We need to find the amount of starchy carbs, fat, protein, that works for our own bodies, your amount could be more, or less than mine.

  • A typical day is a whey protein smoothie for me, but if you don’t like shakes you could have  protein and veggies, or scrambled eggs, and veggies. But always protein based, because proteins very filling/satiating, and veggies give a ton of fiber to also fill you up and not out.
  • Salads if you don’t like them you could have a plate of fibrous veggies, and a palm of protein.
  • Snack between lunch and dinner, on my active days, such as an apple with small serving of protein, whey protein smoothie, raw veggies, handful of nuts with very small serving of protein, protein bar that is low carbs and sugars,
  • Dinner protein, me I love fish, fibrous veggies, and starchy carbs, a cupped handful of starchy carb such as sweet potato, red skinned potato, or butternut squash are my favorites, rice, etc.
  • The starchy carbs at night does help lower stress hormones to relax you, and help you get a good nights sleep.
  • Once in a while on days I don’t workout I may skip the starch at night, and have tons of fibrous veggies like brussel sprouts, cauliflower, broccoli, a carrot,  or low sweet fruit such as an apple, as they actually make me sleep well, with all that fiber.
  • Find a balance with healthy fats, and fruit because some women find through the different stages of life they tolerate less, and do not get results with to high of fat no matter how healthy a fat source it is.
  • 1-2 pieces of lower sweet fruit, such as berries, apples, grapefruit is best for most women at menopause, and post menopause and beyond, and some women do better with none, to get results. It is very easy to over do fruit and not get results,  and you wonder why as you know fruit is healthy, more is not better.
  • YOU need to be the detective forever learning, and adjusting for your body.
  • Just because it is a healthy fat or healthy fruit, does NOT mean you can eat tons of it, especially when wanting results.
  • Stress management is huge, as is sleep.
  • Just NOT getting enough sleep can cause belly fat or weight gain. Because we then can crave all the highly palatable foods the next day, and eat more.
  • I’m a big proponent of moving more I live this way, all relaxing physical activity is great.
  • Walking is KING, walk everyday to lower your stress, I know its hard not to do tons of cardio and vigorous exercise. I have days off now, and just walk and sometimes I want to start running as its nice out, and I love running.
  • Don’t over do long cardio, or any type of exercise
  • Find your carb window, for YOU

I have to remind myself to just walk and chill out, and please just walk slowly not power walking with weights unless that is exercise for the day, but weight training will help your body way more, than power walking with weights.

We want to keep our muscle as we age, it is the engine so to speak, it helps to reve up or optimmize our metabolisms helping us burn more calories.

I lift weights to stay strong, for my bones, and to be able to get up off the floor if I fall down, get off a low sofa. Plus how about being able to lift the groceries, the grandkids, and chase them. 🙂

Lifting weights is where it is at, with a balance of good sleep, stress management, walking leisurely. All of these are key for controlling belly fat at menopause and weight loss now at mid-life and beyond.

Optimal nutrition, protein first, fibrous veggies, good fats, controlled amount of starchy carbs. Play with the amount that gets you results, and to your preferences as always.

Consistency, patience, and figuring out what will work for you for the long haul, as a lifestyle and not another diet.

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