I have heard a lot of talk lately about hormones, diet and stubborn weight. Through my journey I have found there is no exact way that is right for everyone to lose stubborn weight in the menopausal years, and just feel good in our own skin.

I know for me it was hard to lose some weight in my early 50’s, I was running a lot, basically exercising more and eating less. 🙂

My body was giving me signals, but of course I had to get hit in the head, so to speak for me to slow down and really listen to my body.

I was not sleeping well, my bone density had gone down, and I had developed Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis. (auto immune in nature) that just added to my bodies overload.

What I found out is the 6 strategies I share below, and more that work to bring our bodies back in balance.

When I cut back on my exercise and ate about the same, I started sleeping, and my body just released the extra few pounds I had tried to lose for  almost a year.

Our bodies are pretty smart, when my body perceived less stress, it was then able and willing to release the fat, because it was not worrying anymore about my survival.

Here are some super strategies, I have learned over the years that work, to help bring the body back in balance.

1. Start Off Your Day With Protein, Fat, and Greens

  • Avoiding too many starchy carbs at breakfast, can increase your energy, and better balance your hormones, and help keep your blood sugar stable.
  • Instead of cereal and milk, bagels, toast, jelly, and lattes…that cause that spike in blood sugar.
  • How about you might try an omelette made with pastured eggs or omega-3 eggs, with some veggies, sautĂ©ed in a small amount of either olive oil, avocado oil, coconut oil, butter, or ghee.
  • Or two eggs any style, or hard boiled with a side of berries, and greens.
  • Or a muffin made from coconut flour, almond, flaxseeds….etc with berries in it and a side breakfast sausage, Instead of the toast and jelly.
  • Or a whey protein smoothie, or vegan protein smoothie, made with a tbs good fat, berries, and a handful of greens…The list could go on…Yum! how about a Super Simple Banana Pancake, made with 1 banana, 1 egg, mix until smooth and cook in small amount of good fat, add protein source, or other high protein pancake, I have a few recipes….
  • Eat those greens for breakfast, chard, kale, broccoli, collards, spinach.
  • Broccoli falls into the cruciferous veggies category and will help to detoxify excess estrogens.
  • Try having greens with the breakfast options above, plus with the good fats, and protein and you will be on your way to better balance your blood sugar, boost weight loss, and better balance your hormones.
  • What you eat for breakfast matters, to set you off right and not on a hormone roller coaster, high and lows in your blood sugar all day, your first meal choice effects your next one, and how you feel.

2. Movement at least 30 Minutes Everyday

  • You don’t have to go out and workout hard, for health benefits just all the daily movement really matter for our health.
  • Some of the Women I talk to don’t want to lift weights. They say Crystal, I just want more energy and to feel good, and look good.
  • No six pack abs for them, even though I believe in resistance/strength training of some sort, with dumbbells or your own body weight to keep strong, and optimize your metabolism and keep strength as we age.
  • I personally walk 1-2 hours a day, I get in what I can some days more some less, I park further away form stores to move more.
  • It does not need to be heavy weights as you age. Yoga, chai chi, just walking to calm you down, reduce stress levels, and your hormones.
  • You do need to eat healthy for optimal health for your body too.

3. Make Sleep a Priority, For Cellular Repair

  • Sleep is one of the best things to metabolize excess stress hormones, which are the real problem when it comes to hormone imbalance.
  • We need good quality sleep for optimal hormone balance, and reducing our stress improves sleep…
  • Lack of sleep lowers our willpower battery, and leads to higher body fat, and illness. We never want to hear sleep more, but good sleep hygiene is our magic weight loss pill, and ticket to optimal health.
  • While we sleep our brains are cleaning house so speak and repairing, so we wake up refreshed and ready to go.
  • When we don’t sleep it leads to poor food choices and sugar cravings because of the stress hormone cortisol. I have written whole blogs on just sleep and how when I finally started sleeping better, my weight dropped, I was less moody, and had much better energy and better food choices.
  • Lifestyle changes can help us get optimal sleep, get to bed by 11, or try to keep the same bedtime routine going to bed and getting up, the body likes that.
    Shut off all electronic devices, raising my hands to this one….Shut off computers, block lights in the room, keep your bedroom cool.
  • Take a relaxing bath before bed, do stretching, a cup of herb tea.
    TIP HOT FLASHES keeping you awake “ Dr Christine Northrup said if you feel a hot flash coming on, close your eyes and envision a cool igloo, stand in front of a fan.
  • She likes this Chillow Pillow, which you fill with water, and insert in your pillow case where it stays cool throughout the night” love that, wish I had known about this, very cool tip from her.

4. Limit Sugar Intake

  • Sugar does really mess with our hormones, because when insulin is high it changes the way the sex hormones (steriods) are metabolized.
  • Reducing the sugar in your diet, choose fruits when you want something sweet.
  • Try not having sugar for 2 weeks and see how your taste buds change….after two weeks I bet an apple will taste really sweet, and you notice the sweetness of a bell peppers to, and fresh tomato’s.
  • You can also choose low impact sugars like monk fruit, and stevia, they don’t spike our blood sugar.
  • But Dr Michael Cologan has spoken about even those sugars being a problem if we have to many, they can still give the body the signal that sugar is coming and the body expects real food.
  • For some they can cause cravings and stall in weight loss, if sensitive to them.

5. Insulin and Cortisol 2 Very Important Hormones

  • I heard one of the hormone doctors speaking on a podcast talking about cortisol and insulin, she said she thinks actually that insulin is the most important, but they are both important.
  • All our hormones work in synergy.
  • Cortisol is a flight or fight hormone produced by the adrenals, which when chronically high you eat junk foods that raise your INSULIN——so you get a hit of the feel good hormones (opiates) so it is a viscous cycle, more cortisol you want more ice cream, chips, cupcakes, donuts etc…then that leads to hormone problems because when insulin is high is changes as I said above the way sex hormones are metabolized.
  • We want to keep our cortisol in that goldilocks range not to high or to long or chronically elevated. SUGAR does mess with our hormones.
  • If we give into our cravings of sugar, chips donuts etc..it will stimulate the adrenal glands to make even more cortisol which will then spike our blood sugar.
  • Its hard not to give into the cravings, they can be so strong, I know but..
  • We would be better off going for a walk to help the body break down cortisol and use it.
  • Bottom line don’t reach for the sugar and alcohol that will just worsen your hormonal state.
  • Bottom, Bottom line More Cortisol = more chips, cookies, cupcakes treats and sweets.

6. Herbal Supplements for Peri-Menopause, Menopause

  • Disturbed sleep form hot flashes, Dr Northrup recommends
  • Pueraria Mirifica. she has a paragraph on int in her book Goddesess Never age, she actually created a company after another doctor contacted her to try it out which she has with great success. Women are reporting better sleep, less hot flashes.
  • She says its also been shown now to tone breasts, shown to build bone mass, relieve vaginal dryness, as well as thicken vaginal walls, which become thinner as we age and cause discomfort.
  • It needs to be made right and harvested at the right time and standardized etc…
  • www.a-ma-ta.com
  • Others for relaxation, and hormones, Valerian, Black Cohosh, Maca, flaxseed, Melatonin, Epsom Salts, oils, and bath crystals to relax.
  • She talks about all of these in her book, and tests she has found is reliable the lab she uses in her work.
  • I would grab the book to learn more, awesome read. Christiane Northrup, MD the book Goddesses Never Age. Other ones the Wisdom of Menopause, I have them all.

More Tips

  • Remember the best strategies for weight loss, and to balance the hormones, it is really reducing stress which will help our hormones, and thyroid, and then weight loss.
  • It is high cortisol ( stress if high to often ) lack of sleep that can cause that shift of weight to the middle as we age.
  • Eating an optimal clean diet, of nutrient dense foods, lots of veggies, moderate protein, good fats, and some starchy carbs to our own tolerance, we NEED some Starch for our health and recovery and satisfaction.

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