8 Fat Loss Tips for Women at Mid-Life & Beyond

I’m excited to share with you some of my favorite fat loss tips, that I have found work well for women at peri-menopause, menopause, and post menopause, as I know it can be a challenge for us at this time in our lives.

I have had a lot of women tell me that they can’t get fat loss no matter what they do once they hit mid-life, those menopausal years, yep they can be tough.

Most women tell me they feel they are eating really healthy, so what gives.

There is a difference between healthy foods, and Fat loss foods, and if fat loss is the goal, then some healthy foods just won’t cut it, for most women at menopause, and beyond to get fat loss.


1.  Healthy foods versus fat loss foods

We all know that refined grains and whole grains, dairy, fats, fruits, potatoes, rice, nuts are all healthy foods, but not necessarily fat loss friendly foods. I know for me I can’t do a lot of nuts, they do have lots of fiber but are calorie dense, with a lot of fat.

I love avocado, but they are very high fat and even though healthy and a good source of fat, people over do the amount they eat, and they can stall fat loss.

Dairy, can stall fat loss if we have a sensitivity to it, or eat to much. In some women dairy causes a little bloat, and can cause acne if you are sensitive to it.

Grains are healthy they have fiber, and vitamins, but the content of sugars is high, better choice would be fruit, and fibrous veggies to get your fiber, and vitamins, and minerals, they are more water based and help you shed water.

Also if you are sensitive to the protein gluten in the grain it could stall fat loss, and increase inflammation causing bloat and digestive problems.


2.  How do you know what foods are working for you, your unique formula?

Our genetics, we are all unique in our body shapes, and tolerances so even though a food is a healthy food we need to think how do I feel after eating that food, do I feel tired, bloated, achy, are my cravings more or less, how is my sleep, how is my energy, and mood.

You may not put on weight eating healthy foods, but the thing to think of is are the healthy foods or your current diet you are now eating stalling your fat loss goals, are you seeing shape change in the right direction, and feeling abundant energy, sleeping well, having minimal cravings, hunger is under control….you may need to adjust portion sizes, or take out a food that is causing your body problems.

like to much grains for me causes problems, and stalls fat loss, same with to many nuts, or nut butters.


 3.  Increase food that detoxify Estrogens, and give you a better estrogen progesterone ratio

As Women we tend to be more estrogen dominant as we age, even though estrogen and progesterone both decline from about 38 on..and progesterone dropping the most and the fastest. Which then leaves us usually more estrogen dominant, it is the ratio between them that matters.

All my hormones are low but my estrogen is higher than my progesterone which then makes me more estrogen dominant.

As women can also store more body fat in the butt, hips and thighs because of estrogens influence. Good ways to detoxify estrogens, and create a better balance (ratio) between estrogen, and progesterone.

By eating more crucifierous veggies, broccoli, cauliflower, brussel sprouts my favorite, kale, leafy greens, green tea is helpful.

Buy organic coffee as it is highly sprayed with pesticides as is peanut butter.

plastics have estrogenic effects, pcbs, things in our skin care products, and makeup, all contribute to making us more estrogen dominant.

If we incorporate these things above doing most of them can really help us with having a more favorable ratio of our estrogen to progesterone making it easier to acheive fat loss.

Also lowering cortisol keeping it in that goldilocks range can help increase your progesterone also helping the estrogen progesterone ratio.

If we do a lot of long slow chronic cardio, not sleeping and dieting can all raise CORTISOL which we don’t want, for fat loss and balancing our hormones, it needs to be in that goldilocks range.


4. Lift Weights

Women think they will bulk up by lifting heavy weights, women say to me they just want to tone up. We do not have the amount of testosterone as men, some women if they have a layer of fat under muscle may appear to be more bulky at first. You will not put on a ton of muscle  especially at menopause and beyond.

The difference in toning or bulking is your diet.

Doing 2-3 intense circuit based style of strength training will give your that cardio effect, to help you shed fat.

Using the big muscle groups squats, lunges, pushups, bent over rows, shoulder press, etc…with a circuit based style of weight training, (moving quickly from one exercise to the next) with short rest as needed you will get those B’s and H’s (breathless, burning, heavy and heat) so you are getting that cardio effect.

With 1-2 days short cardio, all out sprints running, or on any cardio machine. Could look like push hard for 20 seconds then rest for 1 minute if you are not really fit. More fit maybe 30 seconds hard, 1 minute rest. Try 10-20 minutes, tops.


5.  Alcoholic beverages, and I know us ladies love our wine

Try to minimize alcohol to 1 or 2 days tops. For fat loss 2-3 glasses of wine a week. Some women it takes 3-4 days to lose the bloat from the alcohol, and then they drink again and it never goes away.

I’m saying for FAT LOSS, and I know it is hard. But I would really try limiting the wine and see how you feel and look.

Plus it disrupts sleep, and then causes poor food choices the next day, higher stress response, from disrupted sleep.


6.  Keeping Nutrition Clean 80% of the time, consistently all the time

For optimal fat loss, consistency is key. You still have that other 20% of the time to eat what to want to, to keep you sane and make it sustainable way of living, and eating. You will need to adjust for you and your results, and goals. There is plenty of wiggle room there, in the 20%…BUT some women at menopause may really need to limit the snacks, starchy carbs, and drinks to see the results, or do 90% clean to 10% wiggle room.


7.  Walking, and other rest based living activities

Everyone knows that walking to help lower stress, and especially in nature works really well for women in the menopausal years. We need to balance or intense exercise with lots of leisure movement, and fun activities.

We need me time, which is hard to find that time, but we need to schedule ourselves in that time. Because too much stress can make you fat and shift your fat to the middle and stop weight loss in its tracks.


8.  Every one of us will be different in the exact exercise, and diet that will work for us

We can start out with a template and adjust as needed.

I say do the opposite with your diet or exercise, if what you are doing now is NOT working.

So with your exercise do the opposite and see what happens. If you are killing it with 6 workouts a week, do as my doctor told me..as I protested…he said stop I don’t care what you are currently doing/running, cut it in half period. ( he was so right by the way)

Is your current diet working for you? Are you feeling amazing, seeing results, and shape change with the tape measure, not the scale? If not and fat loss is your goal do the opposite, and see what happens.

Maybe you are eating to CLEAN and your body perceives that as a diet, or famine, and then slows your thyroid, and metabolism to hold onto precious fat stores, and calories, to help you….Dr Michael Colgan a scientist, a very smart man and one of my mentors, once told me Crystal you need to sneak weight, or fat off the body slowly or it will fight you.

Our bodies consider our fat stores part of us and does not always want to give it up readily no matter what we want, it really thinks food must be scare.

We need hormonal balance, and calorie deficit but in a way that the body does not feel threatened. So fill up on lots of quality protein, and fibrous veggies at each meal with some starchy carbs, and a fruit or 2 for a snack, or part of breakfast, I love berries.

You can eat way more volume to fill you up this way, and have less of the things that don’t fill you up, and alcohol that really is high calories sugar, and does not do much for us for fat loss, or to balance our hormones.

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