Can Weight Training for Women Balance Hormones & Help Burn Fat

How can weight training for Women help balance our hormones & help Burn Fat

I have been asked a ton of questions about what type of exercise helps women at mid-life & beyond  burn more fat and help to balance our hormones.

One of the best things is doing resistance training, and less cardio. Resistance training can help you lose weight, burn more fat, balance your hormones, and make you more resilient, especially at menopause and beyond.


Doing a lot of cardio makes you better at cardio


Like my running coach used to tell me, to be a better runner I needed to do more running, same with any sport.

Cardio has its place believe me I loved my running, but chronic cardio as I was doing can lead to you looking skinny but flabby, with saggy butt, who wants that?

If you love running and have a performance goal, as I did, you want a better time or a goal of running a marathon or half marathon, the is awesome BUT keep in mind it is not the best exercise for menopause and post menopause women, as we are more stress reactive.

Running too much chronic long cardio can jack up your cortisol, as your body will think you are running for your life, or from a bear, and to high of cortisol/stress all the time and the imbalance of our hormones, can drive weight to your waist.


There is nothing wrong with cardio, any kind. But it should make up only a portion of your exercise say 20%, and try 30-40 minutes, 2-3 days a week, see how you do.  Maybe depending on your age you will do good with 3 days or maybe only 1-2 days. Balance it with lots of walking and resistance training. 


The drawbacks of long Chronic Cardio

  • Doing lots of aerobics you burn a lot of muscle, which can make you then look skinny fat.
  • Women who do long cardio ONLY never really change the look of there bodies, they may look lean but saggy, not tight and toned which is the look we all want.
  • Long cardio can exhaust your adrenals
  • Cause imbalances in our hormones, especially at mid-life and beyond.
  • Too much can be bad for your bones, as it was for me.
  • Running is brutal on the joints they take a beating especially at mid-age and beyond
  • 3 times your body weight when you run lands on your feet
  • Not the best for fat loss, or belly fat loss
  • Causes to much stress, high cortisol all the time if chronic long cardio


Some benefits of cardio

  • Aerobics/cardio can raise our mood, those feel good hormones are raised
  • Good for heart health
  • Doing a small percentage a week is beneficial, for your cardiovascular system. But can be over done.
  • running helped me with mood, and alone time to think
  • Some people it works better for than others, if not over done and is balanced out with other exercise, and rest based living


Thriving Mid-Life and Beyond Do Resistance Training 3 times a week, and Movement on all days such as walking, and other fun activities, dancing, dance classes, gardening


Benefits of lifting weights/resistance training

  • Resistant training can make you more resilient,
  • When you lift weights you get that after burn, you rev up your system metabolically burning fat for hours afterwards.
  • More muscle, keeps you strong to do everyday things
  • Raises mood
  • Strong glutes helps your back, and core
  • Raises are hormones, like growth hormone, testosterone
  • If you want a nice butt lift weights, plus all the other benefits 🙂

It is natural for us to squat, and pick up heavy things, you squat every day just to sit in a chair and be able to get off that chair. Being stronger will help us walk the stairs, and lift our groceries.


Our hormones all drop with age, Dr Tami Meraglia says in her book The Hormone Secret that keeping our testosterone at an optimal level actually was proven to help keep our bones strong, and works better than the bone drugs without all the side effects. Highly recommend her book to see more on hormones, and how to raise them naturally.


Weight training is not going to make us look like a guy, at mid-life and beyond ( menopause) it is very hard to gain muscle mass. I’m all for raising my hormones with resistance training, and raising my testosterone


Benefits of Optimal testosterone levels according to Dr Tami

  • Helps mood, depression
  • helps us to lose weight
  • Helps us handle stress better
  • Energizes you
  • Helps memory
  • Rev up your sex life, increasing desire and fulfillment
  • Protects your heart, body, bones, brain…and more
  • Builds muscle and optimizes our bodies muscle-to-fat ratio
  • Improve the appearance of our skin and hair Yah!


Lifting Weights/Resistance Training has Multiple Benefits for us at Mid-life or at Any Age really


If you have never lifted weights before you could hire a personal trainer to learn proper form. I know for me my glutes are not as strong as I would like. I lost muscle when I was hurt recently with a herniated disk

My practitioner told me my right glute muscle was weaker than the other and he was having me do Glute bridges/hip thrusts. Not concentrating on heavy weight but form, and squeezing hard, and when I’m up in the hip bridge which you can google how they look.


I lift up while laying on a big ball, or the floor on my back with knees bent lift my butt to parallel and then put my right arm out straight with a small weight and squeeze my butt, and it activates the weaker side more. Then drop my butt back down to the floor and then repeat a few times…this was to get better as rehab


I love doing hip bridges or hip thrusts, you can google that and the Brett Contreras will come up as he is known as the glute guy YouTube will show form as well


If you want to do some resistance training at home first with just body weight

  • You could try 10 reps for each exercise, and repeat 4 times or until  20 minutes time
  • Air squats,
  • push-ups straight legs or on your knees or off a wall its you can’t do straight legs.
  • Hip bridges/Hip thrusts
  • Walking Lunges (good for the butt too)


I have also done  when in a hurry 5 minutes of air squats then 5 minutes of push-ups, try that. One time I did 160 air squats in that time, my butt and quads were shaking, burning. I love push-ups, they really help me to keep strong and pull-ups.


If you have some dumb-bells, an example of a simple routine of 10-12 reps of each exercise in a circuit fashion repeating each exercise for 4-5 rounds whatever you can do in 20 minutes rest based training push hard and only rest until you can push hard again. boom done!

  • Bent over rows
  • push-ups
  • Shoulder press
  • Squats


As Always Nutrition is a huge part of the equation like 80-90% eating as close to nature as possible, with lots of fibrous veggies, moderate protein, starchy carbs to your tolerance, and treats on occasion.

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I you are mid-life and beyond, menopause, post menopause, do more walking in nature slowing, baths, meditation, deep breathing. All of that I learned through trial and error will help you maintain your weight, keep your waistline, and help you to drop fat if that is your goal.

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