Do You Want a Diet That Will Work for the Long Haul? are you sick of rules?

Do you feel Frazzled and flawed, and confused about all the diets out there?

So many women that I have been talking to lately are feeling Frazzled, defeated and like they are failures.

I said wow! Brings back memories, I really know what that feels like, because that was me when I was on the diet roller coaster every year, trying diet after diet, hoping to find that one diet that promised magical weight loss.

When the new diet failed, I would feel defeated, flawed and like a failure. It made me feel really bad about myself and depressed.

But I’m here to say I finally figured out it was not me that was flawed but the information, and the rules I was fed.

I want women to know that they are NOT flawed, following a one size fits all approach, with strict rules is what is flawed.

Diets don’t need to be scary, or hard, the way we eat can be made simple, fun, and fit into OUR day to day lives for the long haul.

Recently someone said to a friend of mine and me, as this friend wants to lose about 10 pounds. This other women we know said, well think of it this way, you only have to give up x, y, z until you lose that weight.

I was like really what the WTF… no that way of thinking will not work, having that frame of mind sets you up to be in the dieters mindset and to fail.

I did tell my friend I would be there for her for support, walks, to chat on hard days whatever she needs.

Losing weight can be hard, I know this from the many many diets, and trying to be to strict, which then led to me caving in and binge eating, and gaining the weight back more times than I can count.

But what finally made me lose the 100 Lbs and keep it off for 25 years, was thinking of it as a lifestyle, and worrying about my health when I was older.

To be really honest when I saw Oprah wheel out a wagon full of fat on her TV show 25 years ago, my first reaction was OMG, look at all that fat, I was embarrassed to think I had all that fat on me too, and scared.

That is when I knew I had to lose the weight and I had to think of it as a lifestyle, and just take one day at a time, that was all I could manage mentally one day at a time.

I’m proud of myself for maintaining my weight loss for the past 25 years, and I know if I could do it, so can YOU.

Following someone else’s rules, will not work long term. I learned I had to follow my own way, for it to work for the long haul.

Food is information, plus of course enjoyable, social, and gives us energy and pleasure. I’m a total foodie, I love food and volume, so for me a big salad with all crunchy veggies makes me full and happy.

As a coach and an older woman, I know it can sometimes be tough, to lose weight.

Sometimes all of a sudden weight comes on it seems for no reason and can be stubborn to lose, the same old ways don’t work for us anymore.

We wonder what the heck? I’m eating good, and exercising the same, what gives.

Usually my first instinct had always been well, I need to exercise harder maybe sprint an extra day, even now sometimes I have to knock myself on the head and say NO you know better than that. Buy hey I’m human and love fitness of any kind and would do it every darn day if my body would let me.

I can guide someone with diet and exercise templates to start with, but I can’t or I should say I won’t say you need to eat the exact protein and veggies I like, or run because I love to run.

There are for sure other reasons besides food that can holding someone back, or making it harder to lose those unwanted pounds. Of course hormones, as they drop as we age and mindset.



  • Food sensitivities: You can be holding onto extra weight as they can cause systemic inflammation and bloat. If you are eating something your body is sensitive to your body will give you signals, like bloating, gas. I have a friend she eats dairy and her stomach bloats out, but won’t give it up.


  • Thyroid: always get it checked, a full panel of tests TSH, Free T3, Free T4, Reverse T3, thyroid antibodies peroxidase (TPOAb) thyroglobulin Antibodies (TgAb). If you feel tired after sleeping 8-9 hours, cold hands and feet, mood swings, anxiety, depression, low sex drive, brain fog, hair loss, dry skin like I have, temperature lower than 98.5, muscle pain etc..of course some of those symptoms overlap with hormones being out of balance as well. Work with a good practitioner. Lots of regular doctors do not run a full thyroid panel, they only want to do a TSH, like that is not enough…I pay out of pocket, and order my own panel.


  • SLEEP: I cannot say enough about sleep, getting quality sleep between 7-9 hours, we are all different but the quality matters, you don’t want to be tossing and turning. As women in mid-life it is far better for you to stay in bed an extra 30 minutes than jump up at 4 Am to exercise, I used to be that girl, jumping out of bed at 4:30 AM and rushing out at first light to get my long run in or runs, and then go to the gym. Never did me any good, I was running on empty and could not get that little bit of belly fat to budge.


  • The extra sleep will help weight loss, and your mood, energy, how you eat the next day. If they could bottle sleep, and give  it to us as a pill it works miracles getting enough sleep. I gave a ton of strategies and resources on sleeping in my Free Blast your Belly Fat Resource guide,  you can get here


  • When I was not sleeping well all those years ago, even now on occasion when I have been doing to much or staying on my computer late at night, it effected my mood, my energy, my food choices, my waist line, everything, I then would be grumpy, and want to bite poor Joes head off (my hubby).


  • I do take magnesium before bed, 400 mg magnesium glycinate, and love L- Theanine and take 200 mg early evening (it’s what is in green tea), really helps to relax me and actually fibrous veggies and fat at dinner help me more than starchy carbs do with sleep… this is just what works in my experience, for me. Not Sleeping well is not fun, ask any woman who has suffered with hot flashes and night sweats that . 🙂


  • STRESS: The BEST thing for a mid-life women is more rest based lifestyle. Not more intense exercise, walking everyday as much as you can, park further away from stores, nature is optimal, but any movement and not power walking is good. It can be hard as sometimes I want to start running …ha! But I dress to walk. Anything you consider fun, journaling, mediation there are apps, I talk about all this in my Belly fat guide. 5 minutes  even, try when you get up 5 min of deep breathing while in bed even or making coffee. does wonders for relaxing us and dropping weight easily …


  • EXERCISE: not to much or to little, find a balance that works for you, resistance training to keep strong a 2-3 days a week, daily walking. Start there you could add cardio one day if you love it and maybe depending on your age 2 days its what keeps you sane, and keeps your hormones balanced.

All the above things, are effected, by your food choices, and your exercise and rest and recovery, your sleep, and stress are huge.

  • Menopausal women do more movement and less intense, find a balance that gets you results.
  • Eating a diet as close to nature as possible, I think of  having quality protein, Fibrous veggies, healthy fats, and Starchy carbs at my meals, with LESS processed foods is really beneficial for women mid life and beyond.
  • don’t follow strict diet rules, be flexible, trust your bodies signals.

I think of my diet this way now, protein is always first with me, then fibrous veggies, then healthy fats, I love, love, love, my avocado, such a good fat and loaded with potassium more than bananas yah! You may love another fat. then I think of Starchy carbs, for me sweet potato, and i like squashes, berries, cherries and apples, are a few of my fav’s

Here is a sample starting place guide you can use, and adjust the sizes for you. I figured out I do better with a whey protein smoothie in the mornings I love them and I’m never bored with them. I do best with some fat, and berries in my shake for it to last me for 4-5 hours.

A naked plain shake does not work for me, I’m starved in an hour. I tried just fat, and it lasts better, but fat with just a 1/3- 1/2 cup of berries is the best for me. Tinker around with your shakes, try one plain first for a day or two and see. If that does not work try adding some fat or starch to it, spinach.

We are all different, activity level, hormones status, and preferences so these below are guidelines. 

P = Protein (palm size) or 4-6oz size
F=  fibrous veggies:(which are carbs, half a plate or 1 fist to start)it depends we are all different.
H= Healthy Fats:  1-2 thumbs size per meal, nuts, seeds, avocado, olive oil, butter, coconut oil
S=  starchy carbohydrates: one medium size, sweet potato, potato, rice, oatmeal, fruits, squash etc…limit processed carbs such as breads, cereals, bagels, although notice I said limit.

I had a client recently, that having sprouted ezekiel muffin or toast worked well for her for breakfast, and kept her satisfied for hours, with a breakfast sausage. She got fat loss and belly fat loss and better health numbers….she tried different things and found that kept her full and satisfied in her head as well, not feeling  deprived.

I worked with her to help figure out what was working for her, and what was not, and get the results she was after, without food rules.

This can really help with maintaining weight or losing as we age, eating as much unprocessed foods and close to nature, with treats as treats…to your tolerance and seeing results.

All adjusting to fit YOU, your favorite proteins, starchy carbs, and  fibrous veggies, leafy greens, and fats.

Remember your diet should fit YOU and your preferences, and lifestyle NOT you fit the diet.

I’m passionate on helping women create a life long plan that will work for them, NOT a short term diet.

Wishing you all a fabulous healthy Holiday and fabulous new year 🙂

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