Hormonal Decline and the Importance of Your Mindset as You Age

Hormonal Decline and the Importance of Your Mindset as you Age

I think as we age we really do need to change our mindset, around how we think about what we eat and our exercise.

Everywhere I go, I get the same questions, about weight loss, and about the type of exercise that I think is best. I always say what do you enjoy eating and doing?

Then say what if I tell you that you have to run to lose weight or sprint? What if you hate doing that how long do you think you will be consistent with that?

No one can tell you exactly what might work for your body, I think we need to be our own detectives. What I love to eat and do for exercise, I have friends that would never do that. I love salmon, some say yuk! How can you eat that? I love salads some people hate salads….

I love to sprint, I have friends that think I’m crazy and to old. They say why would do you love sprinting? Or doing jump squats?

Crystal why don’t you just act your age….ha! now I saw red. The other day, when I was walking kind of slow, someone asked me what was wrong. I said oh, I got hurt sprinting. He replied its called aging! No I cut my warmup basically out because it was so warm out that was a mistake on my part live and learn the hard way nothing to do with my age.

We often times have this belief that we should act a certain way, and eat exactly like a protocol or diet book says. I always think why? If it makes sense to me though I might try a template then adjust it to my preferences. I did that plenty when I was younger, now that I’m older, I have learned to adjust and tweak to what I know I love, so I will not feel deprived.

To me as a coach and friend, I try to find out what a person loves to do, what they love to eat, and what their super powers are and have them do that. Because if we love what we eat, and what we are doing for exercise and movement, we will do it consistently.

Consistency in anything we can do is better than being perfect, or thinking we have to do everything perfectly isn’t it?

This way of thinking has a lot to do with our mindsets, we can do anything we set our minds to, the mind really does dictate what we eat and how consistent we are with our choices.

It is true with age as I approach 64, I really do need to exercise smarter and not harder.

Remind me I said that 🙂 I do believe we can be fit and active until we reach a very old age. Maybe in my 70’s or 80’s walking will become more aerobic to my body, and walking will be my choice of movement and exercise. Maybe with a day of strength training mixed in there too.

With the decline in our hormones, we just can’t tolerate the exact exercise we were used to doing, and the exact same diet.

With the decline in our estrogen, and progesterone, we do become more stress reactive. So if we try to eat as much starchy carbs that we always ate, we may gain weight.

The women I know really don’t understand why they can’t eat the same as they always did, and do the same amount of exercise they have always done. They are scared to change there exercise and diet, for fear of gaining even more weight.

I get that, it seems we are working out harder than ever, and balancing our jobs, the house, the kids activities, so we are going all the time. I have friends who go to bed really late and get up at 5 am or earlier to get it all done. They can’t lose any weight, and are afraid to cut back in their exercise, so instead they eat even less. I really have been there and thought that way, even recently it crossed my mind I would be doing much less. Then I said to myself, diet drives how you look, not my exercise. Doing less, will   lower my stress level, and optimize my hormones and get my thyroid working better again.

Doing less I have just adjusted my eating to a little less, no snack. I really don’t need it as I’m not as hungry.

As we age, I really do find that older women do much better finding a way to lower there stress level, and get optimal sleep.

The key things that will yield the best results

Sleep: try for 7 hours plus. When i don’t sleep, overtime I don’t sleep well, it effects my mood, and what I want to eat the next day, I always crave more starch and salt and sugar. So the simple act of sleeping can have huge benefits for your waistline as well.

Walking: I know it seems simple. Try to get out in the sunshine, trust me, walking and getting out into the light can help your mood and sleep. Sleeping better can spirit into weight loss and better mood, less cravings as well.

Stress: the walking and getting good sleep can help with stress. Try self care for you, something fun you love to do.

Diet NOT exercise is 90% of the equation, no matter what exercise you do, if you don’t have your nutrition right for your body, weight loss is just not sustainable. You might get some short term results but that does not last, by exercise alone.

Try a simple strategy of starting out with at your meals:
A palm of protein,
A fist of fibrous veggies,
A thumb of fat, such as olive oil, avocado, nuts, seeds,
At your dinner meal try having your protein, fibrous carbs, adding a cupped hand of starchy carb, such as potato, rice, sweet potato, squash, there is a long list.

This is just a guideline, I personally need two fists of fibrous carbs with my meals, I really don’t measure my fibrous carbohydrates.
Some girls tell me they hate protein shakes, so I say then just have protein and veggies as above, or eggs as they are protein and fat, with veggies, or leftover salad with protein thrown on top, and a tbs of olive oil and vinegar.

See how you feel, do I have energy, are amy moods better, is my hunger ok, are craving gone. Are you getting fat loss, adjust up, or down accordingly. You may need more fibrous veggies to keep you feeling balanced, or higher fat, or lower starchy carbs or higher starchy carbs. Only raise one thing at a time, or lowering ting at a time, and then see in a week or so how do I feel now.

Years ago Dr. Michel Colgan told me that, are bodies are not calorimeters, calories do matter, but your hormones also matter Crystal. I have heard this exact thing through Dr Jade Teta’s teachings, books and working with him. Still my mind went that way for a day, I was like oh shit you are hurt now what? I get it.
But every time I have cut back in exercise or had a break, my body always responds very well, it says oh thank you. She is resting more, sometimes I believe things happen for a reason. It has been a week and I’m not up in weight, in fact I’m the same in weight right now, but I expect that will shift downward as my thyroid comes back online as it has been running low.

I’m doing 3 upper body workouts and I’m able to walk daily, the daily walks I’m so grateful for as I do believe, they help keep me sane, lower my stress level, and being out in the light does so much for the mood as well.

I hope you found this helpful, you can always message me if you have any questions.

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