Losing 100 pounds at 40, my story of how and why

Losing 100 pounds at 40, why and what helped me keep it off

I have been doing a lot of thinking lately about diets, and my story as I was asked how did you lose 100 pounds and what made me take action and finally keep it off.

Some of you may know my story, but for those of you who do not I’m going to try and share how I felt and what made me finally take action.

At the age of 39 I found myself feeling miserable, overweight, embarrassed, and feeling unfilled in my life.

I had a loving husband and three great children but something was missing.

I was about to turn 40 and found myself wondering if this was the way the rest of my life was going to be, breathing heavy walking stairs, not feeling worthy, not feeling I had contributed anything to the world.

I would see TV commercials showing people holding out there pants showing they had lost half their body size, mind you this was 25 years ago.

I began thinking OMG that is me I’m that big how did I let this happen and why…

What happened to that girl who had dreams, climbed trees, was a tomboy, and played basketball as a teenager, and would sneak to play baseball with the boys at a time girls were not given very many opportunities to play in sports.

I loved to be active and now here I was stuck in this body I did not recognize anymore. I felt sad and embarrassed which made me miss out on so much of life.

I had this aww ha moment when I saw Oprah wheel out this wagon full of fat, and I thought OMG look at all that fat, what am I doing to myself ? Is that the way my insides look ?

I thought if she can do it, so can I. Oprah inspired me that day so much that I took action that very day, I knew my big WHY, which was my HEALTH.

That very day when I saw all that fat wheeled out and thought about it being inside my body and around my organs, I decided to take real action.

I dropped the processed food, all the candy, chips, donuts, apple fritters, drinking TAB, anything I considered unhealthy that would stop me from losing the FAT, so that I could be healthy and fit when I was older.

I had been on many, many diets in my 20’s and 30’s and they worked I lost weight with each diet but then gained it back, I never had a big enough WHY.

I also think when we are young we think we will live forever, and take our health for granted, at least I did. But then when you are about to turn 40 you start to think about being old, that you are over the hill or have a midlife crisis…

I needed to be ready, and then willing to take the action.

It was darn hard I won’t lie, I had teenagers at home eating all kinds of stuff. My husband Joe would bring home pizza, there were holiday parties, cookouts, vacations and all the desserts my family and Joe’s family were big on desserts.

I had to leave the room at first when he brought home pizza as just the smell was overwhelming to me then, I could not be around it. Plus I was darn mad he would bring it home. In those days I did not understand that they were not on a diet, so why shouldn’t they eat the way they wanted to.

 What helped me stay on track and lose the weight for good

  • Was thinking about my health and getting involved in exercise.
  • Running and our dog helped me the most, I was focused on setting Pr’s in a race, or going to running camp and being fit and healthy NOT weight loss/fat loss
  • I joined a gym, started hanging around with like minded people. Support is huge for staying on track.
  • It made the years fly by having other goals to focus on which then it became habit and way of life, I thought of myself as an athlete, a runner.
  • Walking became such a part of my life and is still to this day that it is like brushing my teeth.
  • Pets, loved my black lab black she was the best, my walking buddy that got me into the habit of walking every day. When I was 236 pounds having her next to me gave me the confidence to go out in public to walk.
  • Get a walking buddy, a pet or someone to meet you for a walk
  • Get a personal trainer or workout buddy so that you get in some resistance training, which after the age of fifty really does help you maintain your weight, and strength.

I thank god that by the time I hit menopause, I had lost that weight and got into the habit of walking and eating lots of nutrient dense food. I believe that really helped me when the drop of hormones happened.

I did get plenty of hot flashes and way to many years of sleepless nights, mood swings, and low energy.

Then I developed Hashimoto’s at 50 which sometimes happens at menopause, my friend and mentor Jade Teta has talked about this.

It is funny my husband still asks me on a Sunday morning where are you going? I roll my eye’s and think to myself what is wrong with him, he knows I walk. I almost want to tell him some far fetched thing.

There is nothing really special about my story but ….

I’m passionate about helping other women, figure out there big WHY and take weight off for good.

Also I want to help women that never had a weight issue until the menopausal years. The menopausal years can be tough, I know from experience what it feel like.

There is so much information out there it even makes my head spin sometimes. Women are frustrated and confused about there bodies now.

We wonder what to eat, and how to exercise now in menopause, as it sometimes feels like we just look at food and gain weight.

I will try to keep answering these questions in my blogs and newsletters, as I do think 50 plus years are the forgotten years sometimes.

I wanted to share some of my story, which I did write a longer version on my website on my story page. Because I wanted everyone to know there is no perfection, and I learned a ton through my journey and really feel I do understand how it feels to be really fat, and how it feels going though menopause.

Menopause sometimes I felt like I was going around in a fog….But it does get better and we can all come though it and thrive.

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