New Years Resolutions, they say there is 92% failure rate, I say you can make it work

Thoughts I was having about all the posts about 92% of folks failing on New Years Resolutions.

First off I really get upset, when I see the title do you know that 92% of New Years Resolutions Fail.

The reason being I do not think it is fair to crush someones hopes by saying that.

Because what if you are one of the other 8% that do NOT Fail?

I too have been getting email after email stating those percentages, which I was really not aware of until this year.

I know that most coaches and health professionals mean well, and think resolutions are ok, they just do not want people fall for some quick fix type of diet, or the promise of quick weight loss. Because any body change takes work, consistency, and patience.

There are no quick fixes, I tried all the quick fix diets, and they never worked.

I want to tell you a story about when I started my journey 24 years ago, I was thinking of this during my walk today. I had over a hundred pounds to lose, and I had tried all the new diets, that came along, I had all the diet books promising fast weight loss.

Some I even tried at New Years too. I actually started my journey late summer near my birthday, on a regular day not even a Monday.

I had gained 80+ pounds with each of my 3 children, and took it off after my first son right away, and my second son right away. I don’t know what happened when our daughter came along, our third child.

I tried diet after diet for 13 years after our daughter was born, nothing stuck.

Finally when I was turning 40, I don’t know there is something about turning 40, that makes you think its now or never kind of thing. I saw Oprah on TV wheeling out the wagon of fat and I said if she can do it so can I.

I want to say it is dam hard to lose any weight and especially a great deal of weight, I had to think of it as one day at a time, and one pound at a time.

There were people out there that after I lost the weight, I heard the gossip around the pond where I still walk and fellow I know said to others I know, I give her one year and she will gain all the weight back.

So they were putting me into that  92% range that I would fail. What if I had believed in my mind what this guy said about me gaining the weight back? Where would I be now?

To tell you the truth, that made me really mad. There was no way he was going to win that bet, as I really was sick and tied of being sick and tired, and trying diet after diet.

I had a big WHY, it was health when I was older.

I just wanted to say I think you can succeed, if you have a big reason why you want body change, and you start thinking about it as a way of life, and just take one day at time.

I had hard days at first I’m not going to lie, and say it is easy, nothing is easy. My husband would bring home goodies and pizza. One day he brought home pizza when I still had 80 pounds to lose or so and I could not even smell it.

I was dam mad, and thought how dare he bring home pizza when I can’t eat any, I had to go upstairs to not smell it. I had made up my mind I was not giving in and losing the weight once and for all.

I came to realize in later years, that my kids were not on a diet or my husband, and because I chose to be on a diet or actually really needed to be on diet, they still had the right to eat pizza.

I really get how hard it can be, I felt I did not have much support there were no support groups back in 1992 that I knew about.

I learned a lot about myself, through all my failures. I learned I was strong, and could do anything I set my mind to.

I found I needed to think of not all the weight I had to lose, I couldn’t think of it as 100 pounds I had to lose. I thought of it as my lifestyle and this was something I was going to do forever so no matter how long it took, the journey will never be over.

I also said to myself, you can do it just worry about TODAY. Next thing you know it does just become habit and who you are.

Also what helped me was getting my dog, so I focused on taking walks with her, that got me into the walking habit.

Then I would focus on goals for fitness what I wanted to accomplish. Getting involved in running and weight lifting gave me something other than my weight to concentrate on.

Maybe you start with one new habit for a week or two, master that and move on.

I’m kind of a loner so I actually like doing things alone, but some like a workout buddy. I do think having someone supportive around you can help, keep you going.

When I said in my last blog I do not make resolutions it is because, I have found through many years of trial and error what works best for me, in diet and exercise.

I make goals, to get more sleep, or practice something I may find challenging to me, doing more self care, pushing boundaries so I can keep growing.

I will always be tweaking my diet and exercise as I age. Just a few years ago I could be out until the wee hours dancing and such, not any more. I find it just is not worth it staying up all night and drinking to much. When I do that then for 3-4 days I’m exhausted.

Now I know why the older people, we would laugh when we were younger, and say they go out so early and go to bed early….Ha! Wisdom they had and years of learning the hard way.

Don’t let anyone squash your dreams and hopes for a healthier version of yourself, anytime you want to do it.

Maybe you have a goal of losing weight because yes you want to feel better, look better, and be fit, and healthy, there is nothing wrong with that.

You could be saying I want to be able to play with my grandkids or kids, and not sit on the sidelines. Some people I know want to be able to walk the stairs without huffing and puffing, or lower their blood pressure, or have less knee pain etc.. I say go for it.

A final thought, because I can do moderation with my diet now for most things, I could NOT do moderation when I started. I did not do any any treats and sugar, as I really just was better off abstaining for me.

I did not think of it a depriving, I had to evolve slowly to where I am now. If I started having sugar it would make me want more sugar and set me back so I learned what would work for me.

Even today, I do not tell myself I’m having a cheat meal, that word cheat does bad things to my brain.

I just eat what I like have treats on occasion or bites of things I like, wine etc, and do well saying nothing is off limits in my mind NOW.

I say listen to your body and what will work for you, some people do moderation very well, some are more abstainers there is no wrong and right way.

A good book to read is Gretchen Rubin book Better Than Before, Mastering Habits of our Everyday lives, it really gave me a different perspective this past year when I read it on different personalities, and abstainers, moderators and rebels etc…

I truly hope my sharing helps in some way, and Happy New Year, and I hope all your dreams and hopes come true.

The blog cover photo is me with my family before my weight loss, there are more pictures of me on my website, on my story page.

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