Exercise, Stress, & lifestyle really does play a huge role in how we feel and look….

The women I talk to our struggling with doing less exercise or what type of exercise is best now in menopause and post menopause. Because like me they have always be taught more is better, we are that no pain no gain generation.

Also we love bonding and community being part of something, whether it’s running, or dance class or walking with friends, spin, pilates, biking etc….

I loved running, racing, setting goals, and going to running camp every year with other like minded people and just how exercise makes me feel.

It was very hard for me to finally give long distance running up, I felt like I lost my best friend and really believe doing less would be good for me. In the back of my mind I thought it can’t possible work.

What I have been telling ladies in there 50’s and 60’s even some in there late 40’s

1. We need to really get more rest and recovery.
3. Exercise with intensity
4. Exercise shorter
5. Exercise smarter

We do not have the hormones in an optimal range anymore so we do not have that wiggle room to make mistakes with diet or exercise anymore.

In other words we just cannot get away with beating our bodies up and bouncing back. It is the rest and recovery days that really help us, making us stronger and helps our fitness.

I was told this before by coaches, but I just thought that did not apply to me…ha!

I have talked so much about stress, and walking.

Walking is a form of recovery especially out in nature, going for a massage, just doing some yoga moves at home if no time to go to a class, foam rolling, getting enough sleep.

I find now that I have to take off 2 days off if I have sprinted, or had a really intense leg training workout, Compared to when I was younger.

I need to warm-up better, a bit longer than when I was young, otherwise I get hurt. I was reminded of this just this last spring, I got hurt and I’am just now starting to sprint again.

I need reminding sometimes to back off, and warm-up better especially when its cold out 🙂

We lose muscle every year if we are not doing resistance training, starting in our 30’s.

You can be very fit doing other things, such as long distance running, fun dance class, but that is not enough.

The number ONE thing we need to incorporate is resistance training, lifting weights…

  • Muscle really helps us have that tight and toned look we love.
  • Helps bone density
  • Also keeps us strong so we can carry our bags, walk up the stairs, strength will matter as you age.
  • Helps to optimize our metabolism, muscle is the engine.
  • Mood enhancing
  • Burn more fat

If you are one of the ladies I have talked to the that hates to exercise, I would say that doing no exercise is a stress on the body as well as over exercising.

The older we get we need more movement, the more active we are all day really does matter for weight control and losing weight.

Most women and older people in general do not eat enough protein either, we need more as we age. Protein is the most satiating of the macronutrients, having a little fat with it can help to keep you full longer as well and veggies.

  • If you have never exercised then I would first start out just taking a walk daily, get in that habit. We sometimes do to much to soon and then can’t keep it up as we get to sore and quit.
  • Next I would start a resistance training/weight training program, 2-3 days a week minimum very important to keep our muscle mass as we age.
  • As I said the more muscle we have the more calories we burn even at rest…but it’s not all calories in and out. Also hire a good trainer to help you get started if you never lifted weights before, to learn proper form.
  • Mix up your exercise, do what you love. I used to lift weights, yoga sprinkled in, biking, and resistance training and walk the dog. It helps prevent burn out and over use injuries.
  • Do balance exercises, stretching, a good warm-up
  • 1-2 days of high intensity workouts, such burst training, sprints, etc…. Depends on your age and fitness level. Some might be able to do more.
  • Now in my mid 60’s 1 day of sprinting works well when I was in my 50’s I did 2-3 days….But I came from very long distance running, track work, and it was a huge cut back for me at the time.
  • Sprints can be on any equipment, 20 seconds hard rest to 30 seconds to 1 minute and repeat until 10, 15 or 20 minutes is up…then walk for at least 15 minutes slowly for recovery and lowering cortisol is great for fat burning
  • When I sprint I run hard different distance times, sometimes, 20, 30, 35, sends then walk back to start slowly and repeat if I feel really to go all out hard again.

We do not need to go longer…see how you feel. 10 minute workouts done with intensity is fine.

I do 20-25 minutes tops, for my circuit based resistance training workout 3 days a week now on average. Sometimes 4 days, I change it up all the time. Sometimes 2 days upper body and 2 days lower body with a glute routine thrown in at the end.

You love cardio, sprinkle it in. Just don’t do all long workouts mix it up, long day, short intense tempo run, one day sprints.

If time is an issue, and its cardio or weights do weights, as older ladies that will give you huge benefits, and walking slowly is a form of rest and recovery to.

I love circuit based weight training as it gives me that cardio effect but with weights, but we can’t over do that either.

I lost weight by dropping the long chronic cardio, and started doing short intense workouts with a purpose and it saved so much time as well.

You can get great workouts in with no jumping too, just moving quickly with good form between exercises can raise your heart rate, air squats, a glutes routine by Scott Able gets my heart rate up a bit, toning, tightening, and lifting my butt, haha with age the butt wants to sag.

We need to also do what we love.

As we age we find we cannot eat the way we did when we were younger to it might be just simple tweaks with your macro’s.

I do not eat low carb, as I eat a ton of veggies and greens, which are carbs at my meals I would say 2 fists size per meal.

I do moderate amount for starchy carbs, with fruit mixed in for my body, activity level…it changes daily according to how I feel.

Protein is always my palm size at meals or more, plus a little fat at meals.

Funny what I might consider high carbs someone else might consider low carb, depends. a 20 year old muscle bound guy might tolerate way more starchy carbs than I do now at almost 65 coming up next month…

Always remember we are all different, and there is no wrong or right way.
It is what gets you results, or maintaining your weight.

Plus what you can do happily for the long haul remembering you will need to change it up all the time and be flexible with exercise and your diet as you age and your bodies needs change.

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