Simple Solutions for Weight Loss

Do you think you are eating right ? but no Weight loss

Wow! I have heard from a few women and one of my friends…. they are eating really well, and counting every morsel they put in their mouth, and exercising like crazy too, they feel stuck.

It is not easy when what you are doing is not working, I know I wondered that more than once myself and it took a while to figure out….

They are wondering what the heck is going on? Crystal I count every morsel I put in my mouth, I exercise a lot, but I can’t lose not even one pound.

I always feel so bad, as I’m not sure exactly what is going on in their body. I do know that frustration, as I thought I was doing everything perfectly. I was running a few days a week, walking, and doing some strength training too.

Why don’t we lose weight when we are trying so hard to do everything right?

Well, for me, it worked for me awhile, to exercise a lot and eat my normal way, then all of a sudden nothing, no weight loss. It took me along time to figure out what was not working for me. I was exercising a lot, and I was aging, not sleeping well, and being really restrictive with my food choices.

Basically I was eating like a bird but exercising like an athlete, and I was going through menopause. I did not realize that I needed to change my way of eating somewhat, and get my stress level under control.

But I did not feel stressed, so I never thought about stress very much back then. I just thought eat really healthy and clean and exercise a lot and all would be well with the world…ha! Back fired on me, was I stuck at this weight forever then, I wondered.

After many conversations with friends, my husband and even my doctor, I educated myself little more with tons of reading and trying to figure it out. I was also wondering why my girlfriend got better results than I did, what was her secret?

My best friend told me, she just trains the way she feels like, runs sometimes, walks, dabbles in a little weight training. Also she is chill and mellow, would allow herself treats, but only a few bites and she was finished. I’m one of those people if I had candy or dessert I wanted to eat it all, so then I just didn’t have any, not even sweet potato, or a banana.
I had to learn through trial and error, to do less with my exercise, a lot less. That was really scary to me as I thought I would gain weight, I was afraid also to eat more or fuel my body for my exercise.

Have you ever been a 100+ pounds overweight? I was afraid to gain that weight back, I still sometimes will need to have a conversation in my head with myself about that.

I learned that doing half my exercise in my late 50’s, and just tweaking my diet by adding more starch on my workout days, I could finally drop some weight. Learning to trust my body is still sometimes little scary, but every time I do adjust my exercise and eating, by listening to my body, I get good results.

I love my friends that are having this same struggle, I’m not sure what to do to help. But I’m sure going to try, and help if I can.

Strategies that can help get the ball rolling for weight loss

  • For diet, if you are counting every calorie, and are eating a really low calorie diet. But also running a lot, and doing strength training, plus not sleeping well.
  • Post workout makes sure you have protein and starch. Such as a half banana and a protein shake, or protein, veggie, and starch of choice a half cup. See how you feel and adjust up, if your energy and sleep is still not good. Are you feeling better and starting to get results with your weight loss goals?
  • If you are driving your kids to an afternoon sport after you have worked all day, pack a good snack, protein shake, or an apple, and a small packet of a butter or small handful of nuts, with the apple. Especially snack if you know its going to be awhile until dinner, and you know this is a bad time of day for you. (meaning you get starved, and crash)
  • A protein bar, such as Quest or B-Up Bars can help with energy in the mid afternoon, so you are not starving at dinner. Protein in mid afternoon 3-4 o’clock can keep you energized.
  • Or a Whey protein shake, on your way home from work. That can keep you from eating everything in site when you get home. Having a shake on the way home helped one of my clients feel satisfied, and not starving. So she then was not having a continuous meal when she got home.
  • For sleep, try having starch at dinner, rice, potato, sweet potato, butternut squash, etc… See how you sleep. This was the hardest one for me, to do. I was so afraid of it, but when I started doing this, I slept better and dropped weight, finally. (I started with 5 big bites of starch and adjusted as I was nervous 🙂 it worked) It took my body a few weeks of the new routine, of adding starch and dropping some exercise, to heal me on the inside and start showing on the outside. I adjusted up to having a small sweet potato, or 2/3 cup of squash, that worked for me then. ( I have changed it now, somewhat as my body has changed again)
  • Protein in the morning: and veggies, if your first meal is post workout meal then add some starch 2/3cup of berries or a banana ( a banana only has 25 grams of starchy carbs 🙂 or other starchy carb like oats, added to a shake, etc…
  • Lunch: Protein and veggies, or a big mixed salad and palm of protein on it. Do not be afraid of the fibrous veggies, they fill you up.
  • Snack: protein, and veggies, turkey slice with greek olives, or celery, and almond butter, or a cucumber with sea salt on it. Cucumbers are like free food, and celery. I make some chicken and keep in the refrigerator, and freeze some homemade small turkey or bison burgers to pop out and eat. A nice apple with string cheese or, nut butter 1 Tbs….
  • Dinner: Protein, lots of fibrous veggies, and a cupped handful of starch. I have sweet potato sometimes.
  • I also like turnips, winter squash my starchy carbs sometimes, or a handful of cherries, or an apple as my starchy carb, it just depends.
  • Some people though do better at night with moderate protein, and fat.
    Lot’s of fibrous veggies like Brussel Sprouts, which have more carbs in them to, and no starchy carb, and sleep well. We are all so different.
  • What works forgone of my girlfriends and I lots of nights, is to have carrots, and onions, fibrous veggies, and a fatty meat like salmon, or meatloaf with grass fed beef and no breadcrumbs. And a little butter or olive on the veggies etc…

On days off: Walk more, move more do fun things. You should also adjust your eating just eat 3 meals with no snack, or cut your portions down a few bites at each meal, doing less or sitting all day you don’t need to eat as much.

Walking: is right up there for relaxing, relieving stress. Walk at least 60 minute a day if you can.

If you are exercising a lot with no results: I would cut back on the exercise, and walk more, just try it for a week and see how you feel. Every time I was injured and forced to walk, I never gained weight, and always slept better.

If you don’t do much movement in the day and don’t exercise, then I would say start walking, and moving doing things you love. Under exercising is just as bad for us as doing to much exercise.

DO NOT COUNT CALORIES. Our bodies do not work like that, our hormones are involved and calories. But in my experience the hormones are more involved than we think. As we know once we hit menopause, our hormones stop dropping and we just cannot eat, or exercise the way we did in our younger years. So we really need to eat smarter and train smarter, and we will always be adjusting too.

Sleep is number #1 in my opinion, and diet is #2, it is 80% . If you get your sleep, reduce stress, and eat an optimum diet 80% of the time you will get results. I have learned to shut off my devices now at least 1 hour before bedtime, 2 hours would be even better. I sleep so much better, it is hard to do sometimes, to shut off the devices, but I write in my journal/running log, and that also helps to get things off my mind.

Any questions, always send me a message I would not mind at all answering your questions, I love to help.

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