So many questions lately on diet, and specifically I have been asked should I have protein smoothies for breakfast in the menopausal years?

What if I don’t like protein smoothies?

Can I get fat loss results having eggs, oatmeal or breakfast sausage with a slice of bread?

My answer YES, but I would then have to ask you as I do ladies I have worked with what do you like to eat? Because if we hate what we are eating/drinking we won’t stay with it, long term.

Most women now are afraid of starchy carbs too, Starchy carbs are not bad….BUT if over done for your body then they can be a problem, same if you over eat fat, or protein.

Hormones matter, calories matter, and we do need a calorie deficit

Most people who know me know I love my whey protein smoothies and I have one almost every day as my first meal of the day, I totally love, love, love them….And just because someone tells me they may be bad for me does not mean I will stop having them just because they say that….BECAUSE THEY WORK FOR ME. I find them simple to make, and very satisfying.

BUT do I think everyone should have them, or that that is the only way to get results? Absolutely not

I do eggs on occasion, or meat and veggies….I used to do oatmeal in my running days…but I just never wanted to stay with them all the time long term, I never gained weight from eating them either.

When I was 40 and lost my 100 pounds and kept it off for 25 yeas now, I had never even heard about having whey protein smoothies. Actually I think I was still eating cereal and guess what the weight still came off 🙂  I started whey smoothies in my mid-forties or so….

For me it was finding a way of eating that I could make a way of life and not just another diet, we need to figure out through trial and error what works for us.

I have adjusted my diet many times over the years, I’m not low carb but a controlled amount of starchy carbs now in my mid 60’s, that changes daily, and works very well for me. Plus I eat my berries daily about a 1/2 cup works for me, medium apple, and banana here and there etc…

It was dropping these foods that I was eating daily in excess, donuts, chips, cookies, too many bagels, candy etc….

At first I had to totally eliminate them from my diet, and eventually I learned to treat those things as treats, eating them on occasion for that satisfaction factor which helped make my way of eating a very sustainable lifestyle for me.

I put my focus on becoming fit and healthy as I aged….So for me to be fit and healthy meant being able to walk without huffing and puffing, and for that to happen I needed fuel my body with nutritious food, lift weights eventually, and then take up running and setting PR’s in races, which was fun at the time. Now I know not smart as I aged for my bones…who knew.

It was not easy though, getting my dog, and walking with her helped me make walking a life long habit that I do to this day.

I think it really helps to just take one step at a time making whatever you do first a habit, before moving on to another step.

Being consistent in anything we do is where the magic happens, there is not one way to eat or exercise that is right for everyone….BUT we need to start somewhere and be patient with ourselves, not easy I know, but with consistency we will get to any goal we have set for ourselves.

We live in an era, of fast food on every corner, super sized portions, not enough physical activity, and over consuming to many refined grains and sugars….It is hard when they are everywhere.

I do strongly believe though as women age and hit the menopausal years, what we ate and the way we exercised, and dieted when we were younger, usually does NOT work anymore.

That drop in our hormones really can throw us for a loop, we have to now figure out how much starchy carb, protein, fat, veggies, and fruit can I eat and get results, or maintain my weight, and feel amazing.

I wrote a blog last week that there is no one way that is right for us to eat, the timing of meals and so on.

We can have a nutrition program or get one, but then use that as a template a jumping off point, and adjust it for us. A template, that we listen to your bodies bio feedback ( its signals), and adjust for how we feel, and our preferences.

Questions to ask yourself

  • How is my sleep?
  • How is my energy?
  • How is my digestion?
  • How is my mood?
  • Is my hunger under control, or am I HANGRY all the time?
  • Do I feel bloated after I eat?
  • Did that meal make me sleepy? or give me energy?
  • Am I getting fat loss results if that is the goal?
  • How is my stress level?
  • Basically do I feel amazing

These are some of the signals the body gives us continually.

If any one of them are off, you can investigate them, and adjust your diet, say you are tired you think about what you ate at the meal before, and say hmm….me if I feel drowsy an hour or two after a meal it means I ate a bit to many carbs for my body.

If bloated, then something I ate may not have agreed with my body.

Dairy can sometimes cause bloat for some people, and acne for some people.

If I do not get a goods night sleep, I wake up with lower energy, and usually crave more starchy, sugary and salty foods.

If not getting fat loss results, then maybe all you need is a few tweaks with your diet, eating few less bites at meals, or adjusting up or down on certain macronutrients you are eating to find your unique formula.

Could be 2-3 less bites of starchy carbs, and for some women who are not eating enough of them it could be actually increasing your starchy carbs by a few bites at meals, or at least breakfast meal and dinner….I went through a time of not eating enough starchy carbs to support all my long chronic cardio and went I ate more bites, which was scary but it worked, I had better sleep, energy, and fat loss…

BUT our bodies are constantly changing and adapting all the time.

Don’t try to do more exercise to lose weight, that always backfires, it may work for a short time then boom stops working….I tried that before, it never worked for me.

Sleep and stress if we can master these, I can’t tell you how much better we can feel…for me when I was not sleeping it got so old, and made me very grumpy, with low energy and stubborn weight that would not budge, until i got the sleep doled in and the stress level down.

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