Ways we can cycle our diets, there is NO one way…

Ways we can cycle our diets, there is NO one way….

I have been thinking back to when I could not drop one pound, I was having sleep issues, mood swings, stubborn weight that did not seem to want to budge.

I could never figure it out what I was doing wrong…

I was eating optimally, and exercising BUT that did not seem to be enough, but why?

Have you ever felt that way?

I have talked to a number of ladies, that say crystal I’m really eating well, and I’am exercising, plus I do try to do relaxing things.

But they are very frustrated as they are gaining weight, and that is really freaking them out.

Yep! I have Been there, and felt that way many times, I felt like the body had a mind of its own…come to find out now the body does have a mind of its own and it is survival, and keeping its fat stores.

I’m very passionate about health because of my own 15 year struggle with yo-yo dieting, feeling unworthy, and eating out of emotions, beating myself up because I could not stick to a diet.

I felt I was a failure because I could not stick to the diet of that year, but in reality it was the diets that failed me.

It wasn’t until I decided to do it my way, I was approaching 40, and thought my god life is passing me by, I’m stuck here in this body I don’t recognize anymore. I was embarrassed to go out, and I knew I did not want to be in assisted living when I was older, or be so over weight no one could pick me up off the floor if I fell down, and my kids were growing up, I thought what about grandchildren, do you want to be here to see them grow up…such a wake-up call for me, my big WHY was health and still is.

I dove into nutrition learning all I could, and lost the weight slowly by doing it my way, no particular diet, just following what we all know deep down, eating protein, veggies and fruit, with some fat and I did plain baked potato back then 🙂

It was such a simple way of eating, not easy at first believe me as my body wanted all that sugar I was eating but simple, and worth all the lessons I learned a long the way for life long habits.

What I found out over the years just by listening to my bodies bio-feedback ( its signals ) as our bodies are constantly adapting to our diets, and exercise.

What I learned by accident and still do today, is really cycling my diet. What I mean by that is I eat more on days I exercise more, and eat a bit less on off days…I just pay attention to my hunger NOT the clock.

I also do intermittent fasting I guess you would say, I was doing this before I knew it had a name, I just eat this way.

We all fast overnight until you wake up in the morning, right? but for me I usually do not feel hungry until about 10 Am or so, which is a 16 hour fast for me from when I eat dinner at 6 Pm…haha! Who knew

When I was running long distance, I would jump out of bed in the morning go do my longish runs 1 hour or more week days. Then stop at the gym or walk my dog or both….Yikes! So by the time I got home it was mid morning.

I had always worked out fasted, I just felt better doing it that way, I was not on a diet or protocol.

I know there is so much talk on low carbs, high carbs, low fat, high fat, ketogenic, fasting, intermittent fasting it is enough to make your head spin…women have written me asking me what I know about them all and what I think, they are naturally confused.

I have told people to listen to podcasts, like Keto Talk Podcast, The Keto Diet podcast by leanne Vogel, and she has a best selling book, Fasting Talk podcast, and the book by Dr Jason Fung, and Jimmy Moore called The Complete Guide to Fasting, very good to read or listen to the podcasts if you are needing more info.

I know some don’t believe in any of it, but I’m open minded as I do think we are all different and doing what works for you is the only way to go, try it and see.

I talked to a very nice young woman at my sons house this past weekend and we talked for hours on everything nutrition, she said she was not bored loved it.

She also said, so it’s ok that if I don’t eat breakfast? As she is never hungry for breakfast but felt like she had to eat breakfast because that is what everyone says. I said NO listen to your body, you are not hungry, and feeling good, and losing weight then your body is telling you something, it is giving you signals.

  • There is nothing wrong with eating when you are truly hungry.
  • There is nothing wrong with eating 3 meals and 3 snacks, a day if that is working for you.
  • There is nothing wrong with eating 1 meal a day, or 2 meals a day, or 3 meals a day, if that is working for you.
  • There is nothing wrong with intermittent fasting, going from dinner to breakfast which could be a 12 hour fast, or you could go 14 hours, or longer until to break your over night fast, if that is working for you
  • Always go by how you feel and if you are getting the results, you are seeking, listen to your body not other people.

Don’t be afraid to change it up with your diet or exercise if it is not working for you. The body is always adapting to what we are currently doing, its pretty smart that way.

What has worked for me is I’m not low carb most of the time, or high carb all the time. I have days I have a fast for 16 hours, or 18 hours over night until my first meal the next day which could be as early as 9:30 am once in a while or it could be my normal between 10:00 – 11:00 am. Then just eat my normal food that I love.

Starting off with my whey protein smoothie, handful of spinach, a spoon of good fat, and berries with a half of banana on workout days as well. I may have a salad at 2 ish, and then my dinner of lots of fibrous veggies, handful of protein, an apple maybe or squash if in the mood. I do well with my starchy carbs in the Am or earlier day right now.

Once a week or so, I may not eat my first meal until 12 as my first meal, if feeling good and busy and then just dinner, I do not count calories, I eat until I’m full and satisfied.

So changing it up, all the time, and making sure I eat until full, and doing one day a week of higher carbs which has always been my Saturday night out.

My body never perceives starvation mode or like I’m restricting calories.

As I’m not cutting calories, bUT by eating less meals or less often. I’m not getting the same amount of calories daily, it fluctuates and my body likes this and it balances out.

As when dieting the body pretty much catches on fast if we go to low calorie and over exercise the body will slow the metabolism, and give you signals, as in increased hunger, low energy, sleeping poorly, and possibly cravings.

Of course to lose weight we do need to feel slightly hungry not giving the body exactly what it needs to maintain our weight. Dr Michale Colgan a scientist always told me Crystal you need to sneak it off the body.

Hormones are always involved, but if the bio feedback your body is giving you is positive, and you are losing weight then that is good for you.

Then you have found what works for you right now, but remember the body is always changing and evolving, we must really listen to our bodies then follow our intuition or bio feedback the body gives us.

I would say for most menopausal women a moderate to higher carbs diet works well, by this I mean, fibrous veggies, and fruits in your diet if having one or two fists at your meals is not low carb, it might be lower starchy carb diet…This is where fine tuning for your body comes in, and listening to its signals you need to figure out how much starchy carbs you can eat for your body.

Some ladies it’s a serving at breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and some its breakfast only or dinner only or both those meals.

I talked about stress in many blogs including last weeks, so you most of you know that I feel we need to get our stress in that goldilocks range and have our sleep dialed in. Which is so very important for fat loss and feeling good, especially in the menopausal years as our hormones fall and we just react more to stress now than we did when we were younger.

if you are interested a good book on all kinds of fasting is the one by Dr Jason Fung and Jimmy Moore called The Complete Guide to Fasting: Heal Your body through intermittent fasting, alternate-day, and extended fasting. He works with a lot of very obese patients, and type 2 diabetes patients, and guides them, testing there blood and keeping track of all there numbers. He also has a more science book called the Obesity Code.

I’m not the expert in fasting, or a doctor. I just know I change my diet all the time, eating more starchy carbs at time and less at times and eating late morning if I want to for my first meal. My blood work is good, my fasting insulin, fasting glucose, HA1C, for systemic inflammation is good etc.…

Most of all since I started going to 11 or 12 o’clock a couple of days for my first meal, not all days I feel good, sleep well, and dropped another inch off my waist, plus I must be fair it took me a while to understand drinking wine during the week after my mother passed away in April was NOT helping me at all, it caused resultless nights sleep for me, and stomach bloat. ( The body does want to be in balance )

Funny this past Monday even after eating a bigger dinner on Sunday night, I was hungry earlier in the day, so I had breakfast at 9:30, I’m flexible and just try to listen to my body on any given day.

I read a lot of research, and books and don’t change the way I eat because of it, I say that is interesting…if I feel I would benefit I may tweak what I’m doing if I feel bad or am not sleeping, or have low energy otherwise I stay the course.

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