We all Know how to Lose Weight, but how do we Maintain that Weight Loss?

We all know How to Lose Weight, But how can we Maintain that Weight Loss with ease?

I have been asked how do I maintain my weight loss Crystal? and how did you do it.

Women I talk with are sick and tired of yoyo dieting, gaining and losing the same 10-20 pounds year after year.

I totally understand that, I thought the same exact way. I had been on so many diets through out the years, and always gained back the weight, and even more. It was so frustrating, and I could never understand why I just could not keep it off, I was always thinking WTF is wrong with me.

I was thinking back to when I finally lost all my weight, I think some of you know I was over 100+ pounds heavier until I was 40, seems long ago now, as 24 years have passed, but I will never forget all my struggles. there are some pictures of me heavy on my Story page on my website.  www.crystalpecora.com

Weight loss was not easy for me at that time, and it was certainly not predictable or linear. It was more like a zig zag, and very slow, 2 pounds a month! yes just 2 pounds.

I stayed the course, consistency, and patience worked for long term success for me.

I had been always starting a new diet on a Monday, or I would say I just won’t eat any of this or that. I would totally cut out whole food groups, and ALL the foods that I loved.

It is no wonder that it never worked long term, I was so deprived, I would then crave everything and want to eat it all.

It took me many years of doing that before I woke up, and something inside me had to find the bigger reason WHY I wanted weight loss, for it to work for me for the long haul.

I have over the years been shamed for being to fat, yep! People would actually comment and stare, it was so hurtful and embarrassing. Then when I finally lost all the weight, I got shamed for being to thin!

I’m to this day not sure why people think it is there business about someone else’s body. They don’t know if there is some unknown reason why you are fat or thin.

Why do people think it is perfectly ok to come up to you and comment negatively either way about your weight?

What I believe really helped me to make it a sustainable lifestyle and not think of it as another diet, I asked these questions 

1.  What do I really want? I wanted to lose weight of course, but I wanted to be active, and have fun without feeling self conscious, and have health when I was older.

2. Then I asked ok so how can I sustain weight loss this time? I did not want to YoYo diet anymore, I craved a better way, to be free of the eating out of control.

3. Also getting clear on what you really want? And getting the help or support you need to help you stay accountable and consistent.

The most support I got was from my dog for a long time, until I lost some weight then started my running, going to running camp that helped. I also had to dig deep, each day and it became a little easier as time went on, and habit.

For me it was my health, my dog and running, and thinking of myself as a person who ran, and who was an athlete, kept me on track until it became habit.

Always one day and one step at a time.

When I was about to hit forty, I knew I wanted to be healthy when I was 60, and I was really just sick and tired of it all, it was now or never in my mind.

It was really darn hard at first, but time goes by fast and here I’am 64 now, and healthy.

  • I believe taking one step at a time, and forming habits was what really made me stick to it.
  • I could not think of having to lose 100 pounds, that would have been too hard in my mind.
  • So I took one day at a time, and just concentrated on that day, and this time around only dropped the foods that to me were junk foods that triggered me to eat more of them, I kept in more foods this time than I took away.
  • I do love all veggies, and protein so that was a good thing. I still ate white potato, BUT in those days it was all the fat free craze.
  • So I ate them without butter, who knew! If I had eaten more fat, I may have lost the weight faster. BUT I feel I learned a lot from going slow, and my failures.

It took me many years of struggle and learning about myself and making sure my mindset was on track.

Always thinking of health when I aged, as I had family members that passed away young or who were not healthy.

We got a dog, believe it or not getting our dog was the best thing that ever happened to me, boy do I miss her. She got me into the habit of walking, she would be there every day licking my face, and saying come on time to walk.

She was my companion, who loved me not matter my size. She gave me so much confidence, to go out there and walk, and keep doing it day after day. Now its like brushing my teeth to me just something that I do and enjoy.

Then when the weight started dropping slowly, I started wanting to be a part of something, for that social support.

I got into running, running actually kept me on track to give me the time to make automatic habits.

Hiring a running coach, and going to running camp every year, it was then in my mind that I needed to be healthy to run, and fit to run. Those things kept me motivated to stay the course no matter how long it took.

Running became a huge part of my identity, I was a runner, then I had goals of being a marathoner. Just saying that helped me to want to eat healthy. Setting new goals for myself every year kept me on track.

When you exercise I think it helps you eat healthy, I thought of myself as an athlete I still do.

I believe having a bigger why, and motivation to stay the course really helps you form the habit, once you are in the habit and it is part of you no matter what it is it makes it easier.

You Do not HAVE to be a runner, or exercise until you drop for health and weight loss.

  • For Health, you can take a walk start there, especially if you are older, heavy, and are or out of shape.
  • Short 15-20 minute resistance training workouts, resistance training keeps us strong.
  • One step at a time, walking down your driveway is a start.
  • Get involved in a walking club, or running club, have a gym buddy.
  • Getting social support, online groups with people that have the similair goals as you can really get you through the day, and then the next day. Until it becomes habit.
  • Having friends or family that support your new habits, is huge for helping you stay on track.
  • I have a friend who would always find a new race to keep her motivated to stay the course, and hung around with like minded friends.
  • Do you like to dance? You could try Jazzercise, Zumba, ballroom dancing, they are fun and a start to get moving.
  • I do believe walking is the easiest and simplest to do, if you can.

I got more and more into nutrition and hormones in my 40’s that helped me to want to stay fit and healthy to, and take charge of my body.

Doctor’s, really don’t have the time, to do all the research, so we must do our own for our health, and you can bring in a book to your doctor, or study.

For us women as we age, we really can’t always eat the way we did when we were younger, sorry wish we could.

  • We need to eat starchy carbs to our own tolerance, and concentrate on more quality protein, and fibrous veggies, with smart fats, with less fruit.
  • If you eat a lot of starchy carbs then try cutting back to a cupped handful at your meals, and see if that works.
  • If that does not work then try having the starchy carbs just post workout or at dinner and see if you get results.
  • Fill up on protein first then tons of the leafy greens and fibrous veggies, your hormones and body maybe happier.
  • Also some of us thrive on higher fat diets and less starchy carbs, then others thrive on less fat and more starchy carbs. You
  • You can start with doing the opposite of whatever you are doing now that you are not getting results.
  • As a template, if you don’t know where to start,  you could have a palm of quality protein at your meals, a thumb of fat, 2 fists of fibrous veggies, and a cupped hand of starch. see how you feel, and adjust up or down according to your body.

The body is constantly changing, if whatever you are doing now is not working for you, and  are not getting the results you would like,  just change it around. If what you are doing is working, and you feel great then don’t fix what is not broken.

If you need to change your diet, and exercise, then some weeks you could eat more and exercise more, then try eating less and always exercise less to, don’t eat like a bird and exercise to much, or it will back fire on you. (Been there done that all while running marathons, never worked for me.)

The body will perceive you are in starvation mode, if you exercise like crazy and don’t eat enough, plus it will stress your body out so much it will hold onto weight.

So just give your body moderate amounts of healthy fats at your meals, tons of fibrous veggies, small amount of starch, and enough protein.

Eating Protein, and healthy fats at your meals will balance your blood sugar. According to Dr. Daniel Amen lots of plant foods, color full fruits, are great for your brain as well.

With always keeping in mind the sustainable, satisfaction factor, not depriving yourself but finding a balance that you get results if that is a goal.

Having treats, or things that keep you happy, like cream in your coffee, a protein bar, some dark chocolate, whatever it is allowing yourself to have them to your tolerance.

That will keep your body and mind happy, once we put something totally off limits it never works long term, for me I want it more…what about you?

Maybe one day a week as a crab up day, or one crab up meal, I hate to say cheat meal because for me that does not make me feel good, as I just don’t want to put it in my mind that I’m cheating.

Because I do not think their are any bad foods or good foods, only food that works for your body.

I like to just eat what I love, and have bites of a special treat, after a few bites it does not taste as good anyways, and it will always be there.

I did not always think this way, and once in a while I do think there are certain trigger foods that I’m better off abstaining from, or having out, but that is just me.

I’m really a foodie at heart, I love it all, but i have learned for my bod, now at 64 I really need to watch the amount of starchy carbs I eat.

I do not eat low carb, my husband never understands this, he says  what do you mean? you don’t eat bread, or pasta, and all that, so aren’t you eating low carb? I said no. I eat a low starchy carb diet, but the amount fibrous carbs as in veggies I eat makes it higher carb diet, with moderate fats, and higher protein, that works for me now.

A sweet potato  or other starch at dinner time helps me sleep better, I’m happy and satisfied.

I love my pumpkin pudding too, it is healthy and was a great starch to eat, now that christmas is here I’m sure not going to miss having a couple of my christmas cookies either.

Wine is a treat too 🙂 figuring out how much and how often works for your body. When I go overboard on the wine, my belly starts to look mushy, a bit puffy, and my sleep gets disrupted. I can have one glass, mid week, a couple on the weekends is ok, but I usually choose the weekend for better sleep during the week…

Ha! I’m older now, and it has changed what my body likes again this year, for exercise, and my nutrition.

I did have struggles in my late forties or I would say in my early fifties, my hormones had dropped, I was running marathons at 55-56, stupid of me.

Live and learn, I wanted to drop a few pounds and could not, it was frustrating, my weight had krept up about 6 pounds, I hated that as I was afraid of being fat again.

I had low hormones, and low thyroid, I had developed Hashimoto which is auto immune thyroiditis. My energy was not what it was, and I was eating well, but I was exercising a ton.

I had to learn the hard way, and I gave up long distance running at 60, because I was constantly getting injured, and getting myself back from injury was getting mentally, and physically exhausting.

I still and my friends still can’t believe I don’t run long distance, I sprint though once a week and lift weights and walk. I walk everyday twice a day to relieve stress, and I love it, it is habit. My resistance training workouts are short and sweet  about 20 minutes.

At 60 I found Jade Teta, and Keoni Teta by reading their book The Metabolic Effect Diet. When I read their book, I finally got it.

I gave up the long distance running, and by doing only half not even half of what I had been doing I lost the extra weight I had been trying to lose, without changing my diet or actively trying to lose.

My body I do believe perceived it as much less stress, and dropped the weight that it was holding onto, when it believed I was not longer running from a lion or starving myself.

I will be forever grateful to Jade Teta, as he is a mentor and friend now. I learned a ton from his book, being in his coaching for a year, and taking his nutrition courses.

Doing less works, especially for women when as we start aging, and going through the change.

I have a freebie Blast your Belly Fat Resource Guide, I created to give women the tools to whittle the waist, but not only your waist.

  • I give what works for  women as we age with diet and belly fat in my experience.
  • What does not work well.
  • What works for exercise, what does not work.
  • Exactly what worked for me, and other women, and my client Lisa just recently.
  • links to great resources, websites, and supplements, products.
  • I talk about sleep and stress,
  • I give you some podcast, from highly respected people in the industry about belly fat.
  • Some relative science form Dr Jade Teta, on hormones, insulin, cortisol, and belly fat.
  • I believe it is a great pdf with everything in one place for women to see results.
  • I really poured my heart into this freebie to help women.

The Free Blast your Belly Fat Resource Guide can be found here on my website. www.crystalpecora.com/freebies  and on my Facebook page www.facebook.com/crystal.pecora

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