Weight Gain at Menopause

Weight gain at menopause

I have been getting so many questions on belly fat, and what should I do for exercise, and diet.

We women who are dealing with menopausal issues need to take a different approach than we did when we were younger.

We need to focus more on calming our sympathetic system rather than exciting it.

Belly fat: A stress issue (manage stress)

Long walks, stretching, yoga, and yes even long relaxing baths are some ways to accomplish this. Short intense workouts are another way to burn fat without taxing the body to much.


  • Once we are old or not menstruating, or if taking hormone replacement,
  • Circuit based resistance training, sprints, high intensity intervals on a bike, or other machine.
  • Traditional weight training can work to
  • Short intense workouts work better than long duration workouts at menopause.
  • We need to lift heavy weights to build and keep our muscle
  • Squats, walking lunges, push-ups, chest press, bent over rows.
  • Concentrate on the big muscle groups.

Menopausal fat loss: Carb control is key, not to low and not to high.
the way you can figure this out for your body is to go by your.

HEC : Hunger energy, and cravings, will be out of balance if you are not eating enough starchy carbs.

  • Your hunger will be high
  • Your energy will be really low
  • And your cravings through the roof annoying…yes I have been there.
  • Sleep will be restless or disturbed.

If you are eating enough starchy carbs for your body YOUR HEC will be balanced, you will feel good. It is hard to give an exact amount as we are all different some it could be 100-125 total carbs, some under that, some might be more…

On a scale of 1-10  (1 being the lowest and 10 the highest)

  • You want your hunger under 5
  • Energy above 6
  • Cravings below 5
  • Sleep above 6
  • I include mood to you want it above 6

The menopausal women I talk to don’t want to lift weights.
Healthy exercise does not always give us the results we want of a tight toned body.

Bears repeating Menopausal Fat loss = Strict CARB control, especially the starchy carbs.
LIFT WEIGHTS, and WALK as much as possible through out the day….Slow leisure walking.
Sleep and stress management, we just can’t handle stress the way we used to, or diet, or exercise the way we used to and get away with it.

Eating a variety of nutrient dense food, lots of fibrous veggies, some fruits, and of course some starchy carbs, shift away from to many starchy carbs at breakfast, and more protein, berries, some starchy carbs especially post workout,and at night they help sleep and relax us.

You may need a handful of starchy carbs at your 3 main meals to feel your best, someone else may only need it at breakfast or dinner time for sleep, experiment and see what works best for you. The more active we are the more we need to fuel our bodies.

On a day of heavy weight training, or high intensity workout you may need an extra serving of starchy carbs and on an off day maybe a serving or 2 less, and a bit more fat.

On my off days I eat mostly protein, fibrous veggies and a thumb of fats at meals…I eat less. The body likes to cycle the diet, eat more on active days and less on other days, and see how it works for you.

Plate; 1/3 -1/2 plate fibrous veggies (or 1-2 fists size), 1/3 plate protein (or palm size) and a sliver of starch (or a cupped hand size), could be a 1/3 of plate or a bigger sliver. Depends on you. We all have are different sizes hands….our hands go with us everywhere so easy to eye ball, and measure.

We can thrive through menopause, I’m excited to say I’m working on my Master Your Menopausal Metabolism Nutrition coaching program to help more women

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