Why Can’t I lose BELLY fat?

Why can’t we seem to lose belly fat no matter what we do?

One of the biggest challenges women email me about, and friends I talk to our having, is that shift of weight to the middle and NOT knowing what to do about it.

I get that, it almost seems like the weight on my legs started shifting to my waist overnight at one point, and I know I was thinking what is going on I’m eating the same, and exercising as usual.

This shift of weight to the middle, along with waking up in the middle of the night, feeling puffy, bloated, and low energy can be so frustrating, challenging, and mentally draining.

Inflammation can cause that bloated puffy look as well.

One thing I have found is that exercising more along with dieting and not getting enough sleep can cause us to start gaining belly fat, and even stall weight loss altogether.

As the hormones drop, especially estrogen and progesterone we are more likely to gain belly fat and lose our shapely figure.

Those too hormones also oppose cortisol, as cortisol has a fat storing action on the belly as well as insulin.

Insulin and cortisol effect every other hormone.

I feel where they influence every other hormone we need to think about them as well as estrogen and progesterone. All our hormones work together.

Yes, our progesterone levels start declining in our mid 30’s – 50 years old by about 70%.

Our estrogen declines at a much slower rate about 30-35%, in those years.

With this imbalance in hormones, we can also find our sleep disrupted, and we do not react to stress in the same way as we used to.

Progesterone calms us down, and has a relaxing effect on us which actually helps with our sleep which is one reason why we may not sleep as well as we used to.

This just means that now that our hormones have declined that were helping us with our STRESS, and keeping our HOURGLASS figure.


Think lower progesterone ——more stress sensitive


This imbalance in our hormones makes us more reactive to stress of any kind, no fun.

We need to do a lot less long cardio exercise now if we want to lose the BELLY FAT.


Think of it this way when estrogen is lower——we are more carb sensitive


Steps to take

  • Start slowly
  • Start with walking, and moving more
  • Eat optimally, less sugar, starchy carbs, liquid calories (wine, lattes, etc)
  • Get enough quality sleep
  • Do more stress relieving activities, anything you love.
  • Maybe now you can tolerate shorter bouts of intense exercise, just means cut down on your cardio duration and see how you feel.
  • Try 10-20 minutes of the intense stuff.


We often think EXERCISE comes FIRST for FAT loss/Weight loss.


In the menopausal years LESS is MORE

  • DIET is 80% and for some they need to have optimal diet 90% of the time
  • Moving MORE, easy pace WALKING Not power walking will do more for belly fat than cardio and doing more. On all days is optimal, but consistency beats perfection so do what you can.
  • Resistance training 2-3 days a week
  • Remember start slowly, I would start with walking, then move to other steps.

Being consistent and patient with ourselves, taking action on that one thing can really move the needle in a positive direction

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