Why I Don’t do New Years Resolutions Anymore, What Finally Clicked for Me

Why I don’t do New Years Resolutions anymore, What finally clicked for me. I got sick and tired of the same old thing….

I have been thinking about so many topics the last week or so. It seems I see everywhere, about New Year’s Resolutions, and diets. The thing is does going on another diet come the new year really work?

Why not just start a new way of eating any day of the week, or right now ? Why NewYears?

Women I have talked to the last couple of weeks have said, oh come New Years I have to get myself back in shape. I used to say the same thing, but found out the hard way that it just does not work.

I would think their must be a better way than this continually being on yet another diet.

Let’s face it we always start off strong, we are excited to get going with a new exercise program and diet that we think this time it will work. I did this exact thing for many years, start and stop a diet.

I could never stick to it because it was way to restrictive, and I was eating exactly as it would say in some book, or program. I used to cut out everything I love to eat, it was no wonder it never worked for long.

No guru, book or health coach can tell you exactly what to eat, there is no one size fits all.

Funny when I started out for the last time on another diet this was 1992, their was no internet, as we know it. I had to look to myself for what would work, and really listen to the signals the biofeedback my body was giving me.

What finally clicked and worked for me this time to lose and keep off 100+ pounds was to think of it this time at 40 as a lifestyle, that I wanted to be healthy at 60 and not just be on another diet and be skinny.

My big WHY was health, having fun, not being in assisted living at young age or be able to walk the stairs. I loved sports as a teen and wanted to be more active. I was scared watching family members get sick and be really over weight.

I didn’t really know what the heck I was doing at the time, so for me I cut out bags of cookie, chips, apple fritters, donuts, But I kept in way more foods than the ones I cut back on.

Let’s face it I did not gain a hundred plus pounds by eating moderately, and listening to my body, I was eating out of emotion. I really needed to figure out what was eating at me, so I could stop that binge, diet repeat cycle.

Sometimes for me it is really painful for me to think back to that Crystal, and share this personal stuff. My big goal now in sharing is helping other women who struggle with diet, exercise, hormones, emotional eating, yoyo dieting.

I want to help guide them walk along side them, listen, and help them with mindset, emotional eating, exercising to much or too little, and stubborn weight gain that can sometimes happen with age to.

By helping women identify and figure out their hormonal biofeedback their body is giving them, WE can create a lifelong plan together that is achievable and sustainable one step at a time.

I had to learn to eat moderately, which did not happen overnight it has been a continual on going process of learning to listen to my body, not always easy 🙂 What is easy? It is hard work to listen and then take action.

Sometimes I was listening BUT not always following through with the action I needed to take. I got into really long distance running in my mid forties, which I truly loved, but didn’t love me back.

I had trouble because I had coaches for running that would give me a schedule and no matter how I was feeling I felt I had to do every last mile no matter what, even if I was not sleeping, moody, tired etc….I was not listening to the biofeedback my body was giving me.

It was signaling loud and clear enough already, injury after injury, stubborn weight that would not come off even with all the running weight lifting and walking…hello over training and under eating and deprivation does not work? heck NO

Lessons learned, my coaches were smart, but my body was smarter, I needed to listen to my body, and tell my coaches it was not working for me, and how I felt. They also needed to say hey another injury, hmm maybe this program is not right for you, etc..

The perfect diet for you is the one YOU create yourself. It does take work to listen to the signals your body is giving you, and trust in the process. But once you learn your body, you can depend on YOU. You will know how to adjust your eating and exercise according to the signals your body is giving you.

Have an open mind for change, does not matter what you are currently doing is it working for YOU ? If it is why change anything, if it’s not then something needs to change.

For me there is no New Year’s Resolution, by eating what I love it makes it easier to have everything in moderation.

To me moderation is not putting anything totally off limits, as soon as I put something off limits in my mind I then want it more. I always kept it in my mind I could have anything I wanted to have at anytime.

I sometimes chose I do not want that today.

By eating what I love and doing exercise I liked, it made it very sustainable of living, eating and being. It was not another diet, that mind shift made all the difference for me.

When I started out I set up goals for myself in fitness, like get strong, get a PR in a race, walk longer etc..

In health I wanted to see my blood work improve, inflammation down, glucose level good etc…

Those goals really kept me going when the going was tough, or felt hard.

There were some tough times, I lost on average about 2 pounds a month, that was hard. But imagine if I gave up, or thought of it as a diet? I would not be where I am today.

By making it a lifestyle I could see myself doing for the long haul, time went by, and now its almost 25 years later, and it works.

Bottom line we need to do what works for us, me I love veggies, and all protein. So I start my day with protein and have protein and veggies at every meal, with small amount of starchy carbs. This has changed over the years and changes week to week.

My exercise and diet really change all the time, BUT I always keep in mind what works for me and do that, not what my best friend eats, or husband eats.

I never follow an exact plan, there could be templates and for me I would look at that and say, hmmm would that work for my body and keep my mind happy to.

I learned the hard way to eat enough starchy carbs for what I was doing for exercise, and I have just enough of the starch and fat, and treats to keep my happy.

I strive to eat as much of the things I love as I can and maintain my body shape, I’m a foodie at heart.

If you don’t know where to start, have quality protein, fibrous veggies and some fat and starch, and adjust up or down for YOU. If you have been eating more treats, or starches and fats than you tolerate adjust down, if not getting results.

Don’t go crazy with being crazy strict as that is not a way that will work long term.

Don’t go crazy with exercise, if you know you have been killing it with exercising like a demon and eating like a bird switch that up to doing less, and your body will thank you.

Have a Happy Healthy New Year, I have chosen JOY as my anchor word this year, definitely need more joy in my life

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