How can doing less exercise help you lose weight

Exercise, Stress, & lifestyle really does play a huge role in how we feel and look…. The women I talk to our struggling with doing less exercise or what type of exercise is best now as the head into their 40’s and 50’s Because like me they have always be taught that more is better the no pain no gain … Read More

Are you confused about diets ? low carbs, high carbs, high fat, low fat

Diet confusion everyday we are told something different about Carbs, and fat. WE hear eat low fat, then eat high fat, then keto, then paleo, fasting, high protein then low protein, etc…It is no wonder we are ALL confused. Most health experts can agree that veggies are good for us and moderate protein. So many women that I have been talking to … Read More

Easy Steps to help with Menopausal weight Gain

Are you feeling challenged with Menopausal weight gain or a shift in Weight to your middle? I talk with women everyday that are beyond frustrated, and are wondering what is the best approach for them now, in the menopausal years. Some of these women have never had a weight problem before, and it is freaking them out to all of … Read More

So many questions on diet, protein smoothies, fat loss

So many questions lately on diet, and specifically I have been asked should I have protein smoothies for breakfast in the menopausal years? What if I don’t like protein smoothies? Can I get fat loss results having eggs, oatmeal or breakfast sausage with a slice of bread? My answer YES, but I would then have to ask you as I … Read More

The switch where magic happens

I have been thinking back to when I could not drop one pound, I was having sleep issues, mood swings, stubborn weight that did not seem to want to budge. I could never figure it out what I was doing wrong… I  thought I was eating optimally, and exercising BUT that did not seem to be enough, but why? Have … Read More

Are their Fat burning foods?

Are their Fat burning foods? are you eating optimally and feel you are getting no where? I see it everywhere eat these 7 foods and lose weight, don’t eat these 7 foods ever for weight loss, or lose all your belly fat by taking this fat burning supplement… I get asked all the time about what exactly can I eat … Read More

Nutrition and lifestyle Factors that effect our Hormones and Weight

Nutrition, and lifestyle factors that effect our Hormones and Weight as we age if can feel so overwhelming I had a conversation with a couple of girlfriends the other night about our hormones, there is so much information out there and they were saying how confusing it can be, one had said I’m not sure what to do I just … Read More

Losing 100 pounds at 40, my story of how and why

Losing 100 pounds at 40, why and what helped me keep it off I have been doing a lot of thinking lately about diets, and my story as I was asked how did you lose 100 pounds and what made me take action and finally keep it off. Some of you may know my story, but for those of you … Read More

Hormones, are you confused? it can be for sure

I have been giving hormones a lot of thought this past month or so as I have been asked recently what hormone books I recommend, and how it is so darn confusing figuring them out or getting doctor’s to listen. Some ladies are really confused with all the information out there, and there doctors not wanting to run proper tests. … Read More

Are You Ready to Drop Unwanted Weight and Feel Amazing In your Skin?

Are You Ready To Drop Unwanted Weight And Feel Amazing In Your Skin? Do you feel stuck in not knowing what to eat, how to lose weight, having a hard time sleeping, and the dreaded mid-day energy slump, or just total lack of energy now in the menopausal years? I totally understand, I have been there and talk with women … Read More

Exercise and Weight Loss do you have Stubborn Weight?

How much exercise is good for me to do in the menopausal years? how can I drop stubborn weight? The Boston Marathon is coming up it brings back such bitter sweet memories. I never ran the Boston marathon, but I ran the NYC marathon 2 times in my middle 50’s. This has been a week of reflection for me and memories … Read More

Simple Solutions for Weight Loss

Do you think you are eating right ? but no Weight loss Wow! I have heard from a few women and one of my friends…. they are eating really well, and counting every morsel they put in their mouth, and exercising like crazy too, they feel stuck. It is not easy when what you are doing is not working, I … Read More